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Team Building Retreat Down Under – Posted By Sarah

Did I say “retreat”? I’m so sorry, I meant “work like crazy”. Above shot of happy relaxed breakfasters notwithstanding, your SetSail crew recently returned from a very busy week in New Zealand.

The first thing to know about our harrowing week is that it included NO beautiful scenery at ALL. Just look at this terrible sunset our first evening in Whangarei, where we suffered at anchor on FPB 64-6 over wine and cheese.

Kidding aside, it is always a wonderful thing to return to New Zealand. Having spent so much time there in my otherwise nomadic childhood, it feels like home every time the plane touches down. But back to work…

The above shot shows head engineer Ed Firth, 97 project manager John Richards, Circa head Bruce Farrand and my dad discussing glass options for the Matrix deck on FPB 97-1. While we spent many working hours in this conference room, outside on the shop floor dozens more were hammering/welding/wiring away on FPBs 64-7, 8 and 9, along with the Wicked 97…

The image above shows FPB 97-1′s engine room bulkhead being lowered into place. Next to it, FPB 64-8 is almost ready to move into the outfitting shed. Below, head of interior joinery Jeremy Moore works on a piece of cabinetry for 97-1.

Oops–how’d that happen??

Meanwhile, Todd Rickard spent much of the week working with clients Mike and Liza Dicks aboard newly launched FPB 64-6 Grey Wolf.

While Todd was over on Grey Wolf, John and Sandy Henrichs were kind enough to invite us aboard FPB 64-5 Tiger for a ride. We spent some time studying bow and stern waves at various speed length ratios.

Note Tiger’s blackout shades – we think they look mean and clean.

Also on board Tiger for the powering fun were the newest members of the FPB family, Brandy and Serena Smith.

Back at the dock,
Grey Wolf‘s owners Mike and Liza Dicks, pictured above with daughter Georgie, performed a beautiful naming ceremony.

Lest you begin to feel sorry for all of us laboring away unendingly, rest assured there were some lovely breaks. Ed Firth and his wife Arwen invited us all to their farm for a home-cooked meal one evening. A few pics follow.

And one of the greatest advantages to working in New Zealand–wonderful coffee. If ever in need of an afternoon pick-me-up, “flat whites” (Kiwi lattes) are never far away…

┬áSpeaking of needing coffee…A certain cup on a certain desk needs a refill.

Posted by Sarah.Dashew  (January 30, 2013)

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  1. Rod Manser Says:
    Thanks for sharing. I’m feeling the need to visit the Kiwiland.


    sarah dashew Reply:

    Rod, that’s the point! cheers, sarah


  2. Justin Says:
    Great post. Kiwiland looks beautiful, and I love their weird accent too.


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