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Welcome Home Committee


We’re back in our land base with a wonderful welcoming committee. First a pick up at the airport by friends (circumnavigators Michael and Nancy Morrell). Then a red tail hawk sitting on a sahauro cactus in our back yard. who obligingly took flight after we had unpacked the cameras.


Followed by a visit by our resident quail family.


And then wonderful light at sunset on our mountains.

We both miss Wind Horse, but the change feels good, and we are busy rediscovering where things are located, updating computers, making plans with friends, and getting ready for an Arizona Wildcat basketball game tonight. The design cycle starts again in the New Year

With high speed Internet at our disposal and a really powerful computer at which to work, over the next few weeks we’ll be updating the website with photos, video, and stories. So check back from time to time.

Posted by Steve Dashew  (December 17, 2010)

One Response to “Welcome Home Committee”

  1. Michael Seng Says:
    Steve, Great photo of the red tail! The Detroit/Windsor area sits in the path of the region’s raptor migration route – lots of opportunity to watch or assist in the migratory inventory counts if it is a specific interest to you. Possibly part of a great loop trip? One of the local slogans: “The Great Lakes: No salt, no sharks”. Just a thought! Always enjoy your photos – have a great holiday! Michael


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