FPB 64

FPB 64-3 Video #3 and #4 – More Play In A Gale

While the Arizona Wildcats were thrashing Duke in basketball, we were out in the remnants of another New Zealand gale with Iron Lady. For company there were eighteen visitors from around the world (three parties of six). It had been blowing from the east for two days, so as you might imagine, the combination of  shoaling bottom, reflected waves, and river mouth currents made for an interesting mix.

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Posted by Steve Dashew  (March 25, 2011)    |    Comments (8)

Iron Lady Sea Trial Video #2

While we were busy marveling at how well Iron Lady handled the previously mentioned vigorous sea state, her owner, Pete Rossin, shot a couple of minutes of video.

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FPB 64-3 Iron Lady Sea Trial Video #1

64 3 trial 1 video

We have been studying the motion of FPB64-3, Iron Lady, with an eye on what we are doing with the FPB 112. The difference uphill, between this and the previous 64s which do not have the swim step extension gives us some wonderful data. We shall shortly see how this works for ourselves, but for now we have to be content with video.

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