Wind Horse

“The design philosophy that underpins Wind Horse is impressive—corner cutting is not in Steve’s mentality, and the attention to detail on board would shame many a boatyard.”
–Motor Boat & Yachting

Following is a list of articles covering a range of topics on the FPB 83 Wind Horse.

FPB 83 Wind Horse

FPB 83 on Deck

Flying Bridge

Tropical Considerations

Working on Deck

Roll Control at Anchor

The Swim Step


Interior Layout




Nav Station/Bridge Layout

Ship’s Office

Laundry Facilities

Get Home System

5,000 Hours

Why We Cover So Much Territory–Because We Can

Wind Horse 50,000 miles later–A Few Thoughts

Wind Horse Atlantic Crossing Fuel Burn

ARC 2010 Final Thoughts

A New Look Wake for Wind Horse

Launching and Retrieving the Dinghy

What Should a Diesel Tank Look Like After 40,000 Gallons

Wind Horse Updates

“By the first glance it could look like a dubious Vietnamese navy vessel. But behind the modest exterior there is hidden a luxurious yacht stuffed with smart design and technique.”
–VG (Norway)

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