Recent FPB Press

The following articles are a sampling of media coverage on the FPB concept. For more historical press, scroll down.

Boat International
July 2017

BI_thumb_july2017July 2017 features an extensive article on the Dashews and FPB 78-1 Cochise. On stands now!





Motor Boat & Yachting
June 2017


Motor Boat & Yachting June 2017 features FPB 64 and 78-2 owner Pete Rossin, detailing his incredible journey to 80 degrees North…Read here.





Yachting World
November 2016

yachtingworldYachting World November 2016 features Sundeer line as one of 50 Yacht Designs that changed the world.





Berthon Lifestyle
September 2016

berthon_sept16Berthon Lifestyle highlights FPB 64 Buffalo Nickel’s extraordinary cruise through Vanuatu. Read here.





Powerboat World
June 2015

powerboatworldPowerboat World heralds “a new dawn in efficiency and performance” with the Wicked FPB 97… Read the article.




Boat International
April 2015

BI_april2015What would you assume is the ocean-crossing yacht of choice for the editor of a preeminent megayacht magazine who’s seen it all? Read Stewart Campbell’s editor’s letter in the April 2015 edition of Boat International to find out.




Motor Boat & Yachting

mby_award2015Motor Boat & Yachting have anointed Steve & Linda with the prestigious 2015 Judges’ Special Award for innovation in Design (the award is such an honor that they don’t bestow it every year).




Boat International
May 2015

bi_may2015This just in! The May 2015 issue of Boat International salutes “disrupters – boatbuilders and designers who dare to be different and still make it work”:





Boat International
April 2015

bi_fpb97In the April issue of Boat International, Ivor Wilkins takes a detailed look at  FPB 97-1 Iceberg, and the FPB concept.





Yachting World
November 2014


In the story above, Ivor Wilkins alludes to the fact that Dashew Offshore designs are in the unusual position of having strong followings on both power and sailing sides of the cruising equation. That said, traditionally there is no love lost between sailors and those who choose power. This puts the sailing magazine Yachting World’s editor comments in the November 2014 issue in an interesting light. To read Matthew Sheehan’s thoughts on the FPB 64, click here.



Motor Boat & Yachting
December 2014

PeterWatson_longwaybackWe always strive to be conservative in our claims for boat speed and range. To find out just how far and how fast you can go in an FPB 64, read Peter Watson’s account of his 90 day, halfway around the world journey from Auckland, New Zealand to the UK’s Channel Islands in Motor Boat & Yachting.




August 2014

minerva_thumbThe following article on one of FPB 64-5 Tiger‘s south pacific cruises may seem exotic to most. Rather than being an outlier, however, this is the norm for Dashew Offshore’s sailing and power fleet of yachts. Click here to read.



Power Source
Spring 2015

powersource_spring15“We only cleaned the air filter and changed the oil and oil filter. Nothing else.” Read more of Peter Watson’s deminavigation in the latest issue of Power Source.




Motorboat & Yachting
December 2014

MBY_dec2014The UK yachting press has a reputation for maintaining fierce independence when it comes to reviewing boats. Beholden to no one, designers and builders are often leery about allowing British press free reign on board. To find out what Motor Boat & Yachting thinks of FPB 64 Grey Wolf and FPB series prototype Wind Horse, click here.





Ten years ago, when the FPB series prototype Wind Horse was launched, PassageMaker magazine founder and editor Bill Parlatore made a trip to New Zealand to have a close look at this new breed of ocean-crossing yacht. In light of the FPB paradigm’s success in the last decade, Bill Parlatore’s detailed analysis should be of interest.

Yachting World

Crossing over to the dark side: Interesting thoughts on the birthing process of the FPB concept. From Yachting World magazine. Click here.

Motor Boat & Yachting
August 2013

MBY  “…It’s the sort of machine that will make oceans shiver in fear.” Read the PDF of the feature here.




Boat International
June 2013

dashew-fpb-78-yacht“The first of Steve Dashew’s FPB 78 ocean-cruising yachts is scheduled to start cutting metal this September at Circa Marine in New Zealand.” Read full article.



Charter World
June 2013

First-Dashew-FPB-78-Yacht-665x487“Due to be delivered in 2015, luxury yacht FPB78 is a magnificent ocean-cruising vessel, featuring the unique Matrix deck, just like superyacht FPB 97…”

Click here to read whole article.



Boat International
January 2013

“A robust ocean-cruising yacht, the FPB 97 is for owners who want the option of self-navigation without crew. Able to withstand extreme conditions, with self-righting capability, it has the toughest structure ever offered in a series-built yacht.” Click here for PDF.


Showboats International
August 2012

“In keeping with her predecessors, the FPB 97 is designed for optimal comfort and safety, with proven sea-kindliness, heavy-weather capabilities, including self-righting recovery from capsize, and robust systems engineered for minimum maintenance.” Click here for PDF of full review.



MegaYacht Global
March 2012

“Steve Dashew has added his newest design to his successful FPB line of ocean cruising yachts with the Wicked FPB 97.” Click here for full article.


Boat International
March 2012

“Size matters when owners want the freedom to cruise with or without crew, and the latest model in Steve Dashew’s FPB line of ocean cruising yachts has been designed with this in mind.” Click here to read full article.

February 2012

“I helped deliver the last [Sundeer] built from Rhode Island to Florida through two February gales (including one right off Cape Hatteras) and to this day I remember it as perhaps the most impressive bluewater cruiser I’ve ever sailed.”  -Charles J. Doane





Yachting Magazine
November 2011

Yachting reviews the FPB 115. Click here to read article on Yachting’s site.



Yachting Magazine
August 2010

“On Top of the World: Wind Horse rides the fjords of Svalbard to 80 degrees North.” Click here.




Yachting World Magazine
January 2011

Elaine Bunting interviewed Steve & Linda for Yachting World. Click here.

Pacific MotorYacht Magazine
September 2010

Click here for full article and pictures.

PassageMaker Magazine
October 2009

“Going with the Flow: An impromptu cruise along Canada’s enchanting East Coast.” Click here for article and photos by Steve & Linda. (5MB)

Y&S Yacht & Sail
October 2009

Click here for a review in the Italian magazine Y&S Yacht & Sail.

Yachting Magazine
July 2009

“London Calling: Seasoned voyagers discover the magic of the historic St. Katharine Docks and England’s vibrant capital.” Click here for an article Steve & Linda wrote for Yachting magazine.

Neptune Yachting Moteur

Summer 2009

Click here for a review in the French magazine Neptune.

Berthon Lifestyles

Volume V, 2009

Click here for Hidden Anchorages, an article written by Linda Dashew while cruising aboard Wind Horse in Norway this summer.

Motor Boat & Yachting

June 2009

“Meet the owners who built the wave-piercing aluminum-hulled 80-footer to get them to any corner of the blue planet they fancy.” Click here for a PDF.

More (The Sea)
June 2009

Click here for PDF of the article and photos. It helps if you read Croatian!

VG (Norway)

May 2009

Click here for PDF from an article in VG, the largest circulation daily newspaper in Norway. (Good chance to practice your Norwegian!). The author translated the first lines: “By the first glance it could look like a dubious Vietnamese navy vessel. But behind the modest exterior there is hidden a luxurious yacht stuffed with smart design and technique.”

Bluewater Sailing Magazine
April 2009

See pages 42-47 for “Switching Sides: Longtime sailors make the switch to power”, or click here for a PDF of the article.

Yachting Magazine

January 2009

Yachting‘s cover article is “Icing on the Cake”, an account of Wind Horse‘s adventures in Greenland, with spectacular photos. (Find this magazine on newstands or go to

PassageMaker Magazine
December 2008

See page 134 of this issue for “After 35,000 Miles” by Steve & Linda Dashew. You can sign up to view this magazine issue online at

PassageMaker Magazine

July/August 2008

Do you long to cruise away from the crowds but lack the confidence to venture out on your own? Look up Steve & Linda’s feature on pages 104-111, and you may find that those wonderfully tranquil anchorages are closer than you think. (To find this magazine, go to

Professional Boatbuilder Magazine
June 2008, page 12

Check out the June/July 2008 edition of Professional Boatbuilding Magaine for a full-page review on the FPB 64! Click here for a screen shot of the review. You can also read it on the magazine’s web site –

Northwest Yachting Magazine

February 2008, pages 72-73

“While some of you may shriek heresy that two very well-respected sailors have gone over to the dark side, the reality is that the decision process was well thought out, as usual, and the conclusions reached impeccable…” (Click here for full review.)

Soundings Magazine
April 2006, pages 38-42

“Against the Wind…With his new powerboat design, world cruiser Steve Dashew continues a lifelong pattern of challenging the status quo.” (To find the magazine go to

PassageMaker Magazine
April 2006

Check out the April 2006 issue of PassageMaker for “Making It Happen”, a 10-page story by Steve and Linda about crossing oceans as a couple. (To find this magazine, go to

Yachting World Magazine
March 2006, pages 98-100

“Happy to Cross to the Dark Side: Yacht designer Steve Dashew on why he’s given up fast sailing for an ocean crossing motorboat – one that can put in a 265-mile day.” (Click here for full text and photos.)

Boat International Magazine
January 2006, pages 86-90

“When the Dashews finally decided to resort to motive power, Steve Dashew designed a boat with the spirit of a yacht that could take on the roughest seas…”

Yachting Magazine
January 2006, pages 68-73

“There’s nothing like 7,000 miles of open ocean to tell you if you’ve got it right. For sailboat designer Steve Dashew, his first power cruiser was a dream…”

December 2005, page 8

“Every now and then information lands in the Docktalk office that really fires the imagination. News that Steve Dashew’s latest creation Wind Horse had completed her shakedown cruise caught everyone’s attention, and although we weren’t there to experience it ourselves, the DVD of the event had us enthralled…”

PassageMaker Magazine
November-December 2005, pages 91-105

“…One of the coolest boats I have had the pleasure to spend time on. It is a radical design to some, but its features really expand and address alternatives to traditional boat design. It has inherent stability, but also has fin stabilizers and flopper-stoppers. It is a terrific sea boat, but is also a nice home for living aboard. In many ways it is a return to boat designs of the early part of the last century, with a long and lean hull. But it is also a pinnacle of technology within the caveat of maintaining self-sufficiency…” (Click here for full text and photos – 12.5mb.)

SeaHorse Magazine
October 2005, pages 17-20

“Steve and Linda Dashew wrote the book on long-distance cruising – literally. Their long and slender ‘unsailboat,’ drawn with the benefit of countless miles at sea, could yet set new trends in its field. Wind Horse is practical but very far from spartan!” (Click here for full text and photos – 955kb.)

SeaSpray Magazine
August-September 2005

Feature – pages 30-35
“This would have to be the most intriguing offshore cruising powerboat I have come across. Conceptually, Steve Dashew has possibly developed a new paradigm for offshore cruising…” (Click here for full text and photos – 367k.)

Publisher’s Note – page 12
“Over the years I have been privileged to review various craft of all shapes, sizes and mode of propulsion. None quite as unique as the blue-water cruiser recently launched in New Zealand – the Dashew Offshore 83 Wind Horse…” (Click here for full text and photos – 81k.)

Boating New Zealand Magazine

September 2005, pages 18-24

“‘We’re going out to test the boat in the roughest water we can find. You’re welcome to come along – as long as you’ve got a strong stomach.’ I assured Steve Dashew, American yacht designer, author, and long time cruiser, that I would be fine…I was also telling myself that this was a fantastic opportunity: to accompany Steve and Linda Dashew on a rough-water sea trial of their first motoryacht, the 83ft Wind Horse…” (Click here for full text and photos – 984k.)

Pacific Motor Yacht Magazine
August-October 2005, pages 89-92

“Every so often a designer comes up with a vessel that is a radical departure from convention and while some fade into obscurity, the FPB83 from Steve Dashew will not be one of them. Barry Thompson spent an afternoon aboard Wind Horse, a few days prior to its delivery trip from Auckland to Los Angeles and discovered a vessel that could well become the benchmark for future ocean capable passagemakers.”

Yachting Magazine
July 2005

“If ‘location, location, location’ is the motto of the real estate business, then ‘purpose, purpose, purpose’ is the marine industry counterpart-a mantra no one believes as strongly as Steve Dashew. We saw how Dashew applied function to form in the conception of his legendary Deerfoot and Sundeer sailing yachts. He’s at it again, but this time he’s designed a motoryacht that he affectionately calls the Unsailboat.” (Click here for full text and photos – 100k.)

Ocean Navigator Magazine
September 2005, page 8

“Renowned circumnavigators Steve and Linda Dashew’s latest project, a knife-like voyaging powerboat, underwent sea trials off New Zealand recently. The 83-foot vessel, which resembles a cross between a light- displacement Dashew sailboat and a Coast Guard surfboat, manages to cruise at 12.5 knots with its pair of 150-hp John Deere engines.” (Click here for full text and photos – 66k.)

Sailing Magazine
September 2005

“Sundeer 64: Best boat to sail around the world on.” Click here for review.

Cruising World Magazine
August 1998

“Precision Passage: Across the Pacific on a super-size voyager built for two.”

Practical Sailor
April 1998

“After 17,000 Miles: Author, boatbuilder and circumnavigator Steve Dashew tells why he likes his Trojan batteries, and describes his engine set-up that makes motoring quicker and more efficient.”

Sail Magazine
August 1997

“Ultimate Evolution: Steve Dashew’s light, long, and narrow Deerfoot and Sundeer designs launched a wave of easily handled passagemakers. The new aluminum 90-foot Beowulf is the next step in the design evolution.”

Sea Spray Magazine
August 1997

“Beowulf bares all. ” Click here for cover story by Ivor Wilkins.

For more information on the FPB Series, e-mail Sue Grant: Sue.Grant@Berthon.Co.UK.