Intro to FPB Program

Welcome to the FPB pages! Following is a list of articles illustrating our inspiration, specific design parameters, and history leading up to the FPB era. We suggest you go down the list and read the articles in order for the fullest orientation.

“…One of the coolest boats I have had the pleasure to spend time on. It is a radical design to some, but its features really expand and address alternatives to traditional boat design. It has inherent stability, but also has fin stabilizers and flopper-stoppers. It is a terrific sea boat, but is also a nice home for living aboard. In many ways it is a return to boat designs of the early part of the last century, with a long and lean hull. But it is also a pinnacle of technology within the caveat of maintaining self-sufficiency…”
–Bill Parlatore, Passagemaker Magazine

Why FPB? The Concept Explained

Why FPB? Owners Answer the question

Paradigm Shift

360-Degree Views

A Different Perspective

Our Own Time Machine

Weathering the Storm

The Black Swan Theory of Cruising

Why Are We Doing This? 

FPB Design Objectives

“Against the Wind…With his new powerboat design, world cruiser Steve Dashew continues a lifelong pattern of challenging the status quo.”
–Soundings Magazine

Heavy Wx Issues

Evaluating Capsize and Stability Risks for Yachts

Directional Control

Hull Shape & Pitching

Hull & Deck Structure

FPB 64 Vs. Reef – Are the Factors of Safety Sufficient?

Painted or Bare Aluminum?

Aesthetics–Form Does Follow Function

Hull Shape–Displacement and Boat Speed

Seagoing Ergonomics–the Design Baseline

Bow Design Trade-offs

Speed, Motion and Matrimonial Harmony

Fuel Burn, Range and Margin for Error

Hull Maintenance




For more information on the FPB Series, e-mail Sue Grant: Sue.Grant@Berthon.Co.UK.