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Buffalo Nickels Everywhere – Posted By Sarah

Todd and I landed in Whangarei yesterday morning – where we were greeted by FPB 64-7 Buffalo Nickel‘s proud new owners, Stan and Valerie Creighton.
Valerie even has Buffalo Nickel earrings; the gray metal finish bears a very FPB appearance…

After enjoying the traditional First Flat White, we were off to get acquainted properly with Buffalo Nickel.

Todd will be spending the week working closely with Stan and Valerie, showing them the ins and outs of systems, close quarter maneuvering, and everything in between. While the boats are very intuitive creatures, it is helpful to have someone guiding the first days aboard. The training will include concentrated time with the folks at Circa as well.

Above, Todd demonstrates the AC systems.

After a solidly long first day and a good sleep, it was up and at ‘em early this morning. I found myself enjoying a nice walk with Todd and Kelly Archer at 0700 to clear the cobwebs and greet the day.

The day’s adventures await! Stay tuned for updates…

Posted by Sarah.Dashew  (March 19, 2013)

2 Responses to “Buffalo Nickels Everywhere – Posted By Sarah”

  1. Michael Seng Says:
    Does Circa Marine have logo gear for sale? Nothing on the website? A fan is a fan…regardless of where…$?


    sarah dashew Reply:

    Michael, they do offer gear from time to time. Currently they are sold out I believe, but I’ll keep you posted. cheers, sarah


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