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FPB 78-1 First Passage: The Hardest Part Is Just Going


Getting away on first passages are the hardest. There is always more to do than time allows. But at some point you have to say “Enough, we are out of here.” In our case a reasonable weather window was the incentive to get on with it. Read the rest »

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FPB 78-1 Cochise Halfway To Fiji: Posted by Sarah


This afternoon’s latitude/longitude ping from Cochise‘s Iridium shows the crew well along the route to Fiji. Read the rest »

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FPB 78-1 Underway Towards Fiji


Breem Head is in our wake, and Cochise is running free, squared away towards the north. Read the rest »

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FPB 64-11 DreamTime and a Few Days Off From FPB 78-1 Sea Trials


We’ve had a few days testing Cochise on our own, hanging out in the Bay of Islands. We’ve had FPB 64-11 for company part of the time,

Read the rest »

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Dashew Offshore History: Lessons Learned

1Intermezzo BoraBora 1977

Our family cruising photo taken in the Bora Bora lagoon in 1977. Note the banana stalk hanging off the mizzen boom, and trim physiques of the group! We’d been relaxing for a few days, chilling, reading, swimming, and for the first time since leaving California nine months previous not working on boat on maintenance projects. Those were the days.. Read the rest »

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Going to Sea? Download For Free..


For decades, Linda and Steve Dashew’s books have been considered essential references for any serious cruiser. Having been blessed with the support of the yachting community for many years, they’d like to return the favor. Read the rest »

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FPB 78-1 Update: Wrestling With Art


Now we get to the hard part, choosing art work and photographs for the many surfaces aboard CochiseRead the rest »

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Sony Mirrorless Cameras – Getting Better

DSC2220 Edit

We’ve been testing the Sony 6300 mirrorless camera with Canon lenses, and we have been pleased with results we are getting. Read the rest »

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The Right Recipe: Where Do You Find It?

fii3844©Stan & Valerie Creighton: Fulaga, Fiji

When your voyaging takes you off the beaten path, where shore power and technical assistance is a rarity, the ingredients required for successful cruising change.

Read the rest »

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Cruising Decisions – Sometimes Spontaneity Is The Key

DSC0666 Edit

Many cruising decisions are based on a detailed decision making matrix. Others are based on a spontaneous decision. The latter often make for the most interesting experiences. Read the rest »

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Dashew Offshore History – How the Swim Step Came To Be

Dashew Offshore Swimstep origins 5

The Dashew Offshore swim step, shown above in its highest evolutionary form on the FPB 97 Iceberg, started out much more modestly. Read the rest »

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Closing The Store


Thanks to all who ordered the remaining physical copies of the Dashews’ cruising books, we are now officially sold out and closing down the SetSail store. You can download Surviving the Storm and Mariner’s Weather Handbook for free, and stay tuned for PDF copies of Offshore Cruising Encyclopedia and Practical Seamanship!

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FPB Owner Blogs – Adventures of Avatar


From time to time we like to feature owner blogs here on SetSail. Returning readers will no doubt be familiar with the stunning photography and narrative style of FPB 64-1 Avatar owner Carol Parker. Read the rest »

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Dashew Offshore History – Fast Is Fun

Beowulf Carib 1500 twin 053

Beowulf leaving Norfolk, VA on her way to the BVI at the start of the 2001 Caribbean 1500. Read the rest »

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Dashew Offshore: A Bit Of History Part 2 – The Big Roach Cruising Main

Deerfoot 2116

You are looking at a huge mistake: a new mainsail that did not fit, with too much roach. Read the rest »

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Dashew Offshore – A Bit Of History Part 1

Innismara Auckland

Innismara, the yacht that started us thinking so many years ago… Read the rest »

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Once In A Blue Moon Deal – Updated 12/7/2015

We offered SetSailors this special Once in a Blue Moon Deal earlier this year. As the holidays approach, our inventory is almost sold out. With just a few hundred copies left, the sale continues … Read the rest »

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The Best Thing About Cruising, Old Friends, And A Few Days In Fiji

DSC7752 Edit

There are many wonderful things about the cruising lifestyle. But the one we love the most is

Read the rest »

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Sony Full Frame Mirrorless Cameras: We Continue To Be Amazed


The new Sony A7R2 42 MP camera body is truly a breakthrough. There is nothing remotely close to its capabilities of which we are aware. Read the rest »

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Pam Wall: Welcome to the FPB Family

The universe of circumnavigators is a small world. It’s not unusual to meet somebody in an anchorage or a far-off port, spend a few days together, form a strong bond borne of common interests, meet up again years later, and pick up right where you left off. Read the rest »

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Featured Video: The Journeys of FPB 64 Iron Lady


Pete Rossin has recently posted a beautiful video on YouTube.

Read the rest »

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FPB 64 Sarah Sarah Anchored In Lituya Bay, Alaska And A New Slide Show By Sue Henry

Sarah Sarah Litoya 5

Sue Henry sent us this lovely photo of Sarah Sarah anchored in Lituya Bay, the location of the highest tidal wave in recorded history. How does 1720 feet sound? Read the rest »

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Soundings Magazine Interview and Slide Show on Linda and Steve Dashew

FB 83 WindHorse MagdelenaSvalbard

The August 2015 issue of Soundings magazine has an interview with Linda and Steve and a lovely online slide show. Read the rest »

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FPB 64 Grey Wolf To 80 Degrees 27 Minutes North

FPB Gray Wolf Magdelena

FPB 64 Grey Wolf has reached 80 degrees, 27 minutes north latitude, within 573 nautical miles of the North Pole!

Read the rest »

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FPB 64 Grey Wolf Nears Svalbard: Summer Cruising In The High Arctic


FPB 64 Grey Wolf is starting a summer of arctic cruising. Making a direct passage from Scotland, she is currently less than a day out from Svalbard, well inside the arctic circle at 74 degrees shown in the graphic above. Read the rest »

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FPB 64-7 Buffalo Nickel Reports From Vanuatu


Stan and Valerie Creighton have shepherded Buffalo Nickel over to Vanuatu this season, in part to lend a hand in the ongoing rescue efforts after the damage wreaked by Cyclone Pam.  Read the rest »

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Camera Test: Are The Sony Full Frame Mirrorless Cameras Good Enough For Serious Cruising Photography?

N AZ ST May 2015104

We are starting to think about personal gear, art, tools, and spares for FPB 78-1. High on this list is camera gear. We thought you might enjoy seeing the results of a recent test. Read the rest »

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Keep On Racking Up Those Sea Miles – posted by Sarah


Occasionally we hear from some of our Sundeer and Deerfoot owners. They let us know about cruising plans, meeting up with other Dashew designs, and racking up those ocean miles. Russ and Gwen Hobbs, who own Sundeer 60 A Train (pictured above anchored next to Sundeer 64 Touche M’Dear) recently wrote in to give us the scoop. Read the rest »

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Cruising Off The Beaten Path – A Rocky Start

DSC07734 2

While awaiting the splash of our new FPB, we have acquired an enhanced photographic tool: a Toyota 4-Runner. To get a head start on the learning curve of what this beast is capable of and what we should avoid, we turned to off-road aficionados Mary and Scott Flanders. The Flanders are compulsive photographers, who circumnavigated aboard their Nordhavn 46, Egret. Read the rest »

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Happy 5th Birthday Avatar!


It’s hard to believe that FPB 64-1 Avatar is five years old. In that relatively short period, she has traveled over 36,000 nautical miles and visited 17 countries. Read the rest »

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“Disruptive Yacht Design” – Posted By Sarah

iosHi folks, Sarah here– I was just browsing the blogs and found this teaser for an upcoming feature in Boat International on innovative yacht designers. I thought it might be of interest to SetSailors: Swizzle Blog.

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Ultimate Flashlight – Light Up Your Life

20141203 181330

We are into flashlights, and those available today are simply amazing in what they can do using LED technology. This post is about three of the best we have found. Read the rest »

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FPB Owner Blog Spotlight: FPB 64 Avatar in Central America


FPB 64-1 Avatar is currently wending its way down through Central America. Owner Carol Parker, an avid photographer, has joined up to explore and document the adventures. Read the rest »

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Resolution For The New Year – Don’t Wait, Do It Now

1DX21981 Edit

Waiting is never easy, and when it is for the next big thing in your life – in our case what we think is our ultimate cruising machine – it is even harder.

Read the rest »

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FPB Yachts 2015 Calendar Now Available

FPB 2016 Calendar Montage A

Thanks to the generosity of our family of FPB owners who, once again, freely provided many of the featured pictures, we are happy to offer you this 13-month (January-January) wall calendar. Read the rest »

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FPB 97-1: First Sea Trial Video


Here is a very short video of FPB 97-1 on her third day of sea trials. Read the rest »

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Survival Storm Tactic Tested Off The Needles In Breaking Seas: Updated With Video


The ultimate survival storm tactic, jogging into breaking seas, has had its first (and hopefully last) FPB test. This took place recently off the Needles near the Isle of Wight in the UK’s Solent. Read the rest »

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Extreme Weather Tactics Article In Berthon’s Magazine


Steve has an interesting article on extreme weather tactics in the most recent edition of UK-based Berthon’s Lifestyle Magazine. They were kind enough to allow us to embed a pdf of the article here for SetSailors to peruse. Read the rest »

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Sony Alpha 7 Camera Series – Further Evaluation


With the day-to-day pressure on the FPB 78 Series winding down we’ve had time to do some more camera testing. The goal is maximum quality for minimum hassle, with a high degree of portability.

Read the rest »

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Thai Government Clamps Down on Yachts – Posted By Sarah

1410426128_1-orgPhoto Phuket News

Our SetSail spies in Thailand have just made us aware of some interesting regulatory changes for those cruising in Thai waters. According to the Phuket News, all foreign-flagged vessels must now be equipped with AIS tracking devices. There is no vessel size limit on the requirement–all boats small and large have to comply. Read the rest »

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An FPB 64, A Party, And Some Old Stones: Report From England – Posted By Sarah


Todd and I have just returned stateside after a trek east to England, where we celebrated FPB 64 Grey Wolf‘s demi-circumnavigation with press, pubs, and parties. Read the rest »

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Hard Core Weather Watchers Alert -Bertha Is Going to Rock

Aug 7 5 day Bertha

Hurricane Bertha has gotten a little press so far, but her evolution to extra-tropical structure indicates big things may be in store for the UK and parts of Europe.

Read the rest »

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Sony Alpha 7 – A Revolution in Camera Gear

DSC2285 Edit

We’ve been dragging around 40 pound backpacks of full frame Canon professional camera gear since the ark. It was the way we knew to get the results. Now there is a better answer. Read the rest »

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Living the Dream up North: Avatar Logs


It is always a treat to check out our owners’ blogs and live vicariously through their cruising adventures. Read the rest »

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Rockin’ The House

100Sarah Dashew 54 below

In case you missed Sarah’s Broadway debut at 54 Below last week, we thought a few photos were in order. Read the rest »

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FPB 64-6 Grey Wolf Is At Anchor Havlet Bay, Guernsey, Channel Islands


Having traveled halfway around the world in three months, Peter Watson and crew have brought FPB 64-6 Grey Wolf to anchor in the Channel Islands.

Read the rest »

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FPBs Do It – Right

D71 0171 2 Edit copy

Of the ten FPBs currently afloat, nine are actively cruising, taking advantage of their seagoing speed, range, and comfort, actually doing it…right. We enjoy hearing from our family, keeping up with where they are and what is going on. This week, for example, Read the rest »

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Sarah’s EP / Shows in New York

Screen Shot 2014-05-27 at 2.17.00 PM
Life on the water is such a perfect metaphor for the uncertain adventure of opening ourselves up to what we yearn for…We have to navigate carefully, watch the changing weather patterns, think about where and how we want to go, and then, ultimately, at some point a few will untie themselves and sail off into the great unknown horizon. Read the rest »

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FPB Passage Notes – It Is Ocean Crossing Time

Passaging season is upon us and the FPB fleet is on the move. While FPB 64-6 Grey Wolf nears the end of a quick 4000 NM hop, FPB 64-3 Iron Lady is on her way from Hawaii to British Columbia. The majority of the rest of the FPB feet is getting ready for or have recently completed their offshore passages.

Read the rest »

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FPB 64-6 Grey Wolf: They’re Getting Close…


Peter Watson and his intrepid crew aboard FPB 64-6 Grey Wolf are now just a few days’ from Panama. Keep up with their progress on Berthon’s web site. Of particular interest may be Peter’s comments after now having voyaged over 6,000 nm in the last two months.

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FPB 64-6 Grey Wolf Picking Up Speed: Possible Lottery Win On The Horizon

LittleSnapper 2

FPB 64-6 Grey Wolf has finally hit her stride and is cruising along at 9.7 to 11 knots towards Panama along the fifth parallel.

Read the rest »

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Cruising in the Olden Days – Crossing the Indian Ocean – The Easy Part

Intermezzo Leaving Xmas Island100

The southern part of the Indian Ocean is one of the few places we have found where the trades blow as advertised… and then some. Here Intermezzo is departing Christmas Island for Cocos Keeling at the start of a long haul across this boisterous bit of ocean. Read the rest »

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Is It Better In The Tropics Or High Latitudes?

Leaving Wakaya 006

We are torn between a love for the tropics and the adrenaline that comes as you venture closer to the poles.

Read the rest »

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Weather Forecasts And Routing In The Real World: Good But Not Perfect

GW BArometric trace

We are looking at a barometric pressure trace from the FPB 64 Grey Wolf. This occurred at the edge of the tropics South of Rarotonga in the Cook Islands. As you close with the equator slight pressure gradients create big winds. A change of as little as two mb can indicate the onset of a hurricane. The weather models – all the majors – missed this event.

Read the rest »

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Hobie Alter – Surfer Dude, Marketing Whiz, Savvy Businessman, and All Around Good Guy – Gone at 80.

We’ve just learned that Hobie Alter has caught the ultimate wave, and left his earthly friends and family behind. We were friends, competitors, and collaborators with this remarkable man, and thought a few anecdotes might be in order.

Hobie on the 14 early days

Read the rest »

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Beowulf: The Ultimate Short-Handed Cruiser-Updated March 2014

“The new Dashew passagemaker draws much of its heritage from the high-performance sailboats for which the Dashews are well known…” –Bill Parlatore, Passagemaker Magazine

78 foot KETCH BEOWULF200

Of all the sailboats we’ve done over the years, Beowulf is our favorite. She was our ultimate couple’s cruiser, and the benchmark, against which we measured everything when we started down the FPB path. In seven years of cruising part time, see saw 40,000 nautical miles slip under her keel with just two on board. Read the rest »

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Get Ready To Rock-Making the Weather Work For Grey Wolf

It is cyclone season in the South Pacific, the weather is unstable, and Grey Wolf may win the weather lottery. The recent spate of tropical storms is creating the possibility of a very quick, relatively easy trip. Read the rest »

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Spring Is In The Air

Spring 2014 AZ216

Spring is in the air and our southwestern backyard is filled with color, love songs, nest building, and competition for the attention of the fairer sex. It is the one time of year when we’d rather be ashore than afloat. Read the rest »

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Beowulf IV and the Early C-Cat Foil Development

Beowulf IV YOOAK Chicago002

It is a gray, overcast, depressing afternoon – something for which residence in the US Southwest does not prepare its citizens. Since we have received a request for info on Beowulf IV from a journalist doing a book for the next “Little America’s Cup”, the scanner has been warmed up and we thought we’d share something different.

Read the rest »

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Deerfoot ll – Time To Part With A Member Of The Family

Deerfoot ll 2014100

Deerfoot II, a longtime member of our family, is ready for a new home. She was launched in 1985 in Denmark, sailed across the Atlantic, via the West Indies, and Panama, to Marina del Rey, where she has been based for these many years.

Read the rest »

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Cruising In The Olden Days – A Marquesan Tale

Tahuata Party 1977100

We’ve been talking for years about going through our boxes of photos and slides and scanning them before they disintegrate. Well, the process has started and we are having so much fun remembering that we thought we might share a few stories with SetSailors, starting with this crowded cockpit on our 50 foot yawl, Intermezzo, in early 1977.

Read the rest »

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Report From Ground Zero

FPB Circa Visit Jan 2013 100

We are just back from a week at ground zero in the FPB world. We had the chance to take a couple of boat rides, hang out with three owners who are presently moored in the town basin, and review hundreds of details with the Circa team. Read the rest »

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Catamaran History – Early Days Updated

Catamaran History So Cal 58 71 2In the process of cleaning up the office, a few more photos from the early days of the multihull history on the West Coast have come to light.

Read the rest »

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Happy Holidays From The Crew At SetSail

FPB 64 2 Sarah Sarah on the longest night of the year

Sue Henry just sent us this marvelous photo of FPB 64-2 Sarah Sarah anchored out on the longest night of the year. As big a thrill as this must be for Bill and Sue,

Read the rest »

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Ultimate Dinghy Revisited: Is a Big RIB The Answer?

FPB 78 RIB Concept 3 1

We have been rethinking the ultimate dinghy concept and are looking at a big custom designed RIB for our new FPB 78. Not having experience with properly designed deep V RIBS, we have a few questions and are hopeful the SetSail community can provide real world answers.

Read the rest »

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Speed Freaks – A Partial Antidote

Hydroptere-Worlds-fastest-Sailboat-1-640x426With the 34th America’s Cup now concluded, sailors with the need for speed can be expected to go into depression. As a partial antidote we offer Read the rest »

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Sometimes The Best Cruising Is Close To Home

Pinetop Cruising in the clouds 100 of 18

 Over the years we have learned that often mundane destinations close to home offer unexpected cruising rewards.

Read the rest »

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Happy Anniversary FPB 64-2 Sarah Sarah!

SarahSarahRecently, owner Sue Henry put together an “anniversary” video of photos, highlighting her and husband Bill’s first three years aboard FPB 64-2 Sarah Sarah. Read the rest »

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Photos From Adventures With Iron Lady – Posted by Mark

P31 Hello from ParadiseHaving arrived back to the Seattle office a couple weeks ago, I now have a little time to sort through 100s of photos and share a few with you from my recent adventures aboard FPB 64-3 Iron LadyRead the rest »

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Time To Invoke The Devil Devil Stick – Posted by Sarah

photo 2

With the America’s Cup coming down to a final winner-take-all tomorrow, we are bringing out the big guns, er, stick… Read the rest »

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The Most Spectacular America’s Cup…Ever

GMR AC34SepD17 3664

This is the most competitive, compelling, and fastest America’s Cup ever. And if you have not been watching you are missing the spectacle of a lifetime.

Read the rest »

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VIP Visit to Kiwi Camp on Pier 32


Last week I wrote about my recent trip to San Francisco, where my hosts, Bruce Farrand and Logan Cripps of Circa Marine (builder of the FPBs), were on-hand to represent and promote Kiwi boat building skills for North American clients.  Read the rest »

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America’s Cup – Finally – Unlike Anything You Have Ever Seen Before!

AC34SFMayD5 3068

Tomorrow, Saturday September 7, marks the start of an amazing spectacle that you don’t want to miss. Whether on network TV or YouTube, we will be treated to heated competition between “yachts” traveling at 25 to 50 knots, with no love lost between the teams.

Read the rest »

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FPB 64-3 Iron Lady: Arrival In Hawaii

Mark Fritzer brings us his final at-sea post from aboard Iron LadyRead the rest »

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FPB 64-3 Iron Lady: Towards Hawaii Day 2

A night watch, monster blue fin, the end of Mr. Shabby, and further experiments with the high power DC charging system. Mark Fritzer writes: Read the rest »

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