Going to Sea? Download For Free..


For decades, Linda and Steve Dashew’s books have been considered essential references for any serious cruiser. Having been blessed with the support of the yachting community for many years, they’d like to return the favor.For the first time, the Dashews’ four essential cruising books are now all available as free PDF downloads.
You can download Offshore Cruising Encyclopedia, Mariner’s Weather Handbook, Surviving the Storm, and Practical Seamanship HERE. We hope Mariner’s Weather Handbook helps you avoid the need for Surviving the Storm, and that Offshore Cruising Encyclopedia and Practical Seamanship enhance your tools for successful cruising. If these books help a few of our fellow cruisers have a more enjoyable experience, and perhaps stay out of difficulty, we will have been amply repaid.

Posted by Sarah.Dashew  (May 9, 2016)

7 Responses to “Going to Sea? Download For Free..”

  1. jmh2002 Says:

    Thanks Linda and Steve, this is a true kind gesture! Time has moved on of course but there is still a lot of sound knowledge in these books.

    Unfortunately I missed the close out sale (it’s always nice to have a hard copy) but I hope to make you a little happy by telling you that my existing hard copy of your Offshore Cruising Encyclopedia (purchased something like 20 years ago…) has been all over the world – it has literally travelled thousands of miles offshore with me on all kinds of boats both large and small.

    It’s a little beat up now, and showing it’s age and miles at sea, but this is as it should be.

    No sitting at home and dreaming for this copy of your book… 😉

  2. Warren Cottis Says:

    Thank you very, very much!

  3. Klaus boelke Says:

    Hello Linda and Steve,
    Thank you for the opportunity to download your books, I look forward to fascinating reading. Mariner’s Weather Handbook, Surviving the Storm, and Practical Seamanship downloaded OK. The Offshore Cruising Encyclopedia would not extract cleanly. I thought you would like to know.
    Thanks again,

  4. sarah dashew Says:

    Hi Klaus,
    Because of its size, Offshore Cruising Encyclopedia downloads as one master zip folder, with several PDFs enclosed. Once you’ve unzipped the master folder, to read the book, simply click on each section in the Table of Contents PDF. If you still have problems, let me know.
    Cheers, Sarah

  5. Bob N Says:

    Thankyou. Very nice of you.

  6. Brian Smith Says:

    Thanks for the PDF versions! I have them in tree-books, but PDF makes searching so much easier!

  7. Jonas Lundström Says:

    Thank You so very much – most generous.