Pushing That Magic Button: FPB 70-1 Is Under Construction

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Having just completed a 6,200 nautical mile voyage from Thailand to New Zealand in 27 days underway on their FPB 64 Buffalo Nickel (much of that uphill), you might think that Val and Stan Creighton would like a short break from thinking about boats.

But here they are pushing the start button on Circa’s flat bed cutter to begin production on their FPB 70!

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The aluminum plates come out cut to exact size marked with welding and assembly info printed onto the surface.

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The resulting pile of aluminum will quickly become the structural framework on which their FPB 70 will evolve.

FPB 70 framing 1

Visit the Creighton’s website at BuffaloNickelBlog.com. And for information on their lovely FPB 64 Buffalo Nickel, which is barely broken in, contact Sue Grant at Sue.Grant@Berthon.co.uk


Posted by Sarah.Dashew  (May 14, 2016)

3 Responses to “Pushing That Magic Button: FPB 70-1 Is Under Construction”

  1. PJ Says:

    About time!

    Hurray for Val & Stan. Can’t wait for my turn.
    Should be an outstanding boat in many ways, a perfect blend of size and function.

    What are the dimensions of the Great Room and Matrix deck?

  2. sarah dashew Says:

    Hi PJ,
    The enclosed space on the Matrix Deck is 6m long x 3.8m wide.
    The Great Room is 7.1 m long x 4.6m.
    Dimensions are approximate.

  3. PJ Says:

    Very kind, Sarah. Ta.