FPB 78-1: We Are Having A Blast (And Other Details)

Engineering 865

There is a hint in this photo that the day of reckoning draws near.

Care to guess? We will tell you at the end of the post what this is all about.

Engineering 877

Check the fuel filters and coolant expansion tank. The engines are wet, and have been test run.

Electrical 299

The great room helm is in and wired. The Matrix deck is not far behind. The gap upper right is for engine kill buttons, horn, and pilot helm pump speed control panel.

Interior 1001

FPB 78-1 Cochise has a new style to her great room about which we are excited. The design of the settee is not easy to execute. What you are looking at is the quilting pattern that Total Trim in Auckland is executing.

Interior 971

Over the next few weeks Cochise will begin to show us all her real self. The apparent chaos will give way to order. The Owner’s suite is two hull panels shy of completion (and those are just awaiting installation).

Interior 967

Much of the protective covering will remain until early sea trials are completed.

Electrical 296

Although we like things simple, this is a relative concept. Sometimes simple means grouping controls in one place rather than spreading them out. These are in the end of the great room electrical cabinet.

Electrical 295

There are four sets of lower deck ventilation fans. These work in concert, one as an exhaust fan and the second to bring in fresh air. Each pair has 750 CFM fans, which have variable speed control in the stateroom.

Electrical 308

The  forward mast has a lot going on electrically.

Electrical 307

The wiring for this needs careful advance planning.

Ali Fab 578

We have been remiss in keeping the FPB 78 rendering imagery on SetSail up to date. Here is a development that we expect to pay big dividends. We have created an awning framework over the middle of the aft deck. The awning consists of four solar panels which have been moved from the adjacent area forward, creating an aft sun porch. We will show you how this all works out when we are afloat. One of the benefits is a home for the satcom antenna, boarding platform/dinghy light, and a place to attach the yacht ensign halyard.

Back to the question with which we started this post. The clear plastic taped around the swim step signals the start of the bottom painting process. This begins with sandblasting so the entire hull is wrapped.

Launch is tentatively set for June 9th (the eighth on this side of the dateline).

Posted by Steve Dashew  (May 17, 2016)

6 Responses to “FPB 78-1: We Are Having A Blast (And Other Details)”

  1. David Says:

    Wait…wait…she’ll splash June 9th?

    Like, 2016? Today is May 17 and it sure appears there are months of work remaining on the vessel.

    But it’ll be a hoot to see Circa pull that rabbit out of their hat.

  2. Ward Says:

    Have you considered doing a New Zealand to LA run to compare to Wind Horse? Or maybe go East and follow Webb Chiles?

  3. Steve Dashew Says:

    Hi Ward:
    No idea where we are headed or when, except right now the West Coast of the US is a low probability.

  4. Tim Gardner Says:

    Was looking for the control head for the W-H auto pilot ? Have you found one better ?

  5. Steve Dashew Says:

    Hi Tim:
    We are using the Simrad AP80 autopilot.

  6. Michael Seng Says:

    “….anticipation is making me wait!” 🙂