FPB 78-1: A Bright Outlook

Engineering 862

With an anchored wingspan of 60’/18m boom end to boom end…
…we have been figuring on a little extra visibility. This begins with the boom ends having a wrap of reflective tape. There are anchor lights on each boom end as well. And the flopper/stopper halyards have traces of reflective thread in their weave.

Engineering 850

The main anchor is winched home.

Engineering 849 2

With one of the last pieces of deck hardware to mount being the the chain stopper.

Engineering 853 2

80 meters of 1/2” chain neatly stow, with another 10 meters in the bilge.

Interior 953 2
The Matrix deck windows are glued into place.

Interior 931

And it is getting easier to discern the aesthetic concept for the exterior.

Interior 924 2

There are four large opening windows forward.

Interior 920 2

That’s the Matrix helm above, ready for installation. When we share the next photos, the Matrix furniture will be complete.

Electrical 282

The main electrical panel is now connected. All it needs to be checked off the list is the cover plate.

Electrical 289

What we call the wet locker, where coats, boots, and shoes shall one day reside, is also a transition area for wiring between the engine room, main panel, and Matrix deck above.

Electrical 288

Looking up in the same wet/coat locker. This is also the conduit area for plumbing going up. The bare copper pipes are part of the heating system and for drying the locker contents in cold, wet environments.

We’ve booked our flight to New Zealand. The day of reckoning quickly approaches.

Posted by Steve Dashew  (May 7, 2016)

4 Responses to “FPB 78-1: A Bright Outlook”

  1. scotto Says:

    so close…
    i’ am really enjoying the unveiling.
    I think I am as excited as you are…

  2. sean bryant Says:

    The matrix deck is truly special. I’ve always looked at your designs and thought that hard windows in this area would be awesome and now you have donever it.

    Beautiful work and design as alwaysoon.


  3. Steve Dashew Says:

    Thanks Sean:
    More photos soon.

  4. Shannon (Shaz) Says:

    Wow, It’s looking great. Kudos to you and everyone down there bending & burning metal. Love the enclosed matrix deck, I think enclosing that was a great idea. Can’t wait to see it in the water.