FPB 64 Grey Wolf Nears Svalbard: Summer Cruising In The High Arctic


FPB 64 Grey Wolf is starting a summer of arctic cruising. Making a direct passage from Scotland, she is currently less than a day out from Svalbard, well inside the arctic circle at 74 degrees shown in the graphic above. Following in FPB prototype Wind Horse’s wake, Grey Wolf is eagerly approaching one of the most isolated anchorages anywhere on the globe.

Hornsund Svalbard-135

This is what Hornsund looks like when it’s free of ice. However, in the high Arctic one is never sure whether ice will be present.

Hornsund Svalbard-220

Hornsund Svalbard-364-1-Edit

In the high latitudes, weather can change quickly. Extreme caution, conservative navigation, and ice watch at all times while at anchor are critical.

You can follow along with owner Peter Watson and crew on their detailed blogs. They are updating their adventures daily.

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