The Most Spectacular America’s Cup…Ever

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This is the most competitive, compelling, and fastest America’s Cup ever. And if you have not been watching you are missing the spectacle of a lifetime.

The racing is closer than ever before, we are seeing tacking duels upwind with closing speeds of 50 knots and crosses with a hair’s breadth of separation. Even faster are the crosses downwind.

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The speeds upwind are now above 30 knots when the boats are footing to an expected header. And as predicted on SetSail, both boats have learned to fly on their foils to windward. Yesterday’s race was sailed at a boat speed of twice the wind speed average for the entire course!

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The boat speeds and crew work are closely matched. Make a mistake and you lose. Stan Honey’s graphics and camera control systems are sure to win him another Emmy award. Even the commentary, with Kenny Read and Gary Jobson as experts, is better than we have ever seen it.

Our favorite feature is the America’s Cup app that allows us to listen to the comments of the racing crews – pick your boat or switch between boats to hear the dialog while watching on TV or the computer.

With New Zealand needing only a single win to take the cup back down to New Zealand, the end is undoubtedly near. Check this out while you can!

Post script:  the preceding was written while flying back from the IBEX marine trade show. Having now watched Friday’s action we are reminded that in salboat racing it is never over until the finish line is crossed. And if you think the Kiwis have this in the bag let us assure you they do not agree with you. Jim Spithill and crew will fight to the end. With a luck, and perfect races, they could pull off a victory. The drama continues.

A final comment. Larry Ellison and Russel Coutts have come in for an enormous amount of negative comment from the yachting establishment and the press. Ellison and Coutts are owed a huge thank you what their vision has created.

Posted by Steve Dashew  (September 20, 2013)

6 Responses to “The Most Spectacular America’s Cup…Ever”

  1. Jonathan Stevens Says:

    I have become addicted to this, the most exciting and dare I say, skilled, racing I have ever witnessed. As a Ex-pat Kiwi I am pleased to see so many on the water…I wonder if we shall see any of the boat technology appearing at my yacht club in the near future, or ever.

  2. John O Says:

    I’m in favor of going back to the boats they used before the winged keel (was it Australia that finally won the cup from us?)

    It seemed to be more skill and strategy then. Now it seems it’s just technology. If I wanted to watch speedboats I’d go see the hydroplanes (Miss Budweiser etc) race.

  3. CJ Says:

    Eh, I’d venture there’s a HUGE amount of skill involved in tacking or jibing a vessel like that while keeping both hulls out of the water. Granted, lots of technology (and it’s associated costs), but the precision involved is amazing. I for one have enjoyed every minute that I’ve gotten to watch, and if the Americans can pull this off that would be even more amazing.

    I’m also very curious to see what the winners dream up for 2016.

  4. Patrick Lasswell Says:

    Boy, I bet you feel silly claiming that this would be an exciting event. What’s so exciting about coming back seven races using incredible skill, amazing technology, blisteringly sharp tactics (seriously, ETNZ ended up with a blistered hull after a tactics marvel by OTUSA), and brilliant sports coverage? OK…there’s a lot of excitement there. Wow, what a hell of a race series.

  5. Steve Dashew Says:

    And more to come tomorrow!

  6. Scott Evangelista Says:

    Tied up…what a race! Come from behind and then dominate. Thrilling race to watch. This come back if they win will have to go down in history among the best and most improbable of all time