Sony Mirrorless Cameras – Getting Better

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We’ve been testing the Sony 6300 mirrorless camera with Canon lenses, and we have been pleased with results we are getting.

This little camera, above using a Canon 600 F4 lens with a Metabones IV adaptor, focuses more accurately than our Canon 1DX. And the detail from this crop sensor camera is far beyond anything we could do with our Canon bodies. All of the photos in this post have been doubled in size in Photoshop before being cropped.

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The small crop of a moon shot was taken with the Canon 600 F4 ll, using the Canon 2Xlll, via the Metabones IV adaptor, again with the Sony 6300 body.


Technically speaking, this is the most interesting shot. The sparrow hawk is about 200 feet/60 meters away. Camera setup is the same as with the moonshot above. The detail at this level of crop after blowing up 200% given a cropped sensor is amazing.


So what happens if you try an “off brand” budget lens, like the Tamron 150-600 zoom? This is not the sharpest photo but the conditions are difficult. The sun has almost set, ISO is 1600, the lens is zoomed to 500mm (on the Sony A7R2 body) and this is an extra crop. This Tamron is a fraction of the weight and cost of the big Canon glass. In good light it does a very acceptable job.

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Now let’s switch to the Sony bodies with lenses designed for them. Catching bees in flight large enough to be interesting is the hardest task we know of in photography. We have never come close to anything like this before. And this is a one in a hundred shot. Caught with the Sony A7R2 and Sony 70-200 F4 lens at ISO 3200.

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It is spring here in the Sonoran desert, and there are lots of hungry mouths to feed. This shot was taken with the same rig as above, the Sony A7R2 full frame camera and Sony 70-200 F4 lens.


Zeiss is now making a series of lenses designed specifically to take advantage of the Sony mirrorless full frame bodies. This shot and the photo below were taken with the Zeiss Batis 25mm F2.0 lens on a Sony A7R2 body, handheld.


We are looking forward to changing the photographic venue, to one with more blue and a lot more water in the scenery.

Posted by Steve Dashew  (April 27, 2016)

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