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P31 Hello from ParadiseHaving arrived back to the Seattle office a couple weeks ago, I now have a little time to sort through 100s of photos and share a few with you from my recent adventures aboard FPB 64-3 Iron Lady

A beautiful tuna and fresh Sashimi for our evening meal.

P7 Flying Fish

Stampede of flying fish.

P9 Equator

Crossing the equator!

P10 Swimming in deep water

Swimming in 4500 Meters of water at 86°F. It felt like jumping into a warm, salty soup.

P11 Christmas Island

Christmas Island arrival.

P13 Christmas housing development

Christmas Island housing development.

P14 CI store

Fancy grocery store.

P15 Beer is good

Beer really is good for you!

P16 Palmyra channel

The marked channel entrance to Palmyra Atoll.

P17 Palmyra yacht club

Palmyra Yacht Club.

P18 Myself and Cap

Captain Steve and I exploring the famous plane wreck on Palmyra.

manta ray

The locals were most friendly..

P20 Palmyra FPB 64

Iron Lady blends in well with her surroundings.

P22 Palmyra coral 3

Palmyra has some of the most amazing coral I have ever seen. My feeble attempts to capture its magnificence don’t do it justice.

P32 Heading into it

Finally some seas on the nose while underway to Hawaii!

P33 Arriving Hawaii

Arrival in Hawaii.

In my next post, I’ll share some slightly more technical FLIR images from varied readings.

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