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Aerorig recently sent a request to Steve Dashew for a comment on AeroRig generally and how it worked on Sundeer:

Hi Ross: I have no direct experience with the Aerorig. Due to some scheduling conflicts on my part I never got to sail on the Sundeer 60 with the rig before she left for Europe. From folks who did sail aboard I was told it was quite fast–but we never had a chance to test it against a conventionally rigged boat. My own feeling is that at present the Aerorig engineers are missing the bet with their narrow tip mainsails. Since they have a freestanding spar they should be taking advantage of this with lots of roach. There is one other issue which needs to be addressed. Some of the Aerorigs are quite noisy in the mast partners (where they penetrate the deck) making quite a racket in a seaway as the spar moves back and forth (or tries to). The potential for an increase in lift to drag, especially off the wind with the leading edge flap effect is quite high, is substantial. Not sure if they are achieving this yet or not. In sum, I think the Aerorig is a very interesting development and worth investigating if the budget doesn’t put you off. Regards-Steve Dashew

Posted by Steve Dashew  (November 30, 1999)

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