Age and Cruising

Dear Steve, I approach you as a new cruiser seeking contact with other young cruisers, particularly women. I am 34 years old and while I have enjoyed the contact with the many retirees we’ve met and have learned greatly from their age and wisdom, I feel somewhat isolated by my comparative youth.

I have found it quite challenging adjusting to this new lifestyle and feel the books I’d read didn’t prepare me for the emotional challenges I would be facing. I would greatly appreciate any direction you could offer with regards to contacting others in a similar position.

My partner and I are hoping to return to the UK eventually, we are currently sailing the Sea of Cortez. Sincerely, Gemma L

Hi Gemma: 34 doesn’t sound so young–that’s the age we were when we started cruising, albeit a few years ago…

My first suggestion would be to join Seven Seas Cruising Association. Many thousands of like minded individuals (I think the URL is There are SSCA cruising stations scattered around the world and these usually have one or two get-togethers each year–which is a good place to meet a variety of people. Also, if you are heading for the Sea of Cortez, read Latitude 38 for their cruiser parties and maybe think about joining the BaHaHa rally. Good Luck – Steve

Posted by Steve Dashew  (November 30, 1999)

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