Baby Stay Downwind

Hi Steve: Question: I have a double spreader rig on a Beneteau First 375. Gybing downwind with the babystay means you have to remove the pole from the mast toggle and move it around the other side of the babystay to complete the gybe (somewhat of a pain). Do I need the baby stay downwind? Can’t I loosen it off so it could be bungied back to the mast and then do a dip pole gybe using tweakers, with two sets of sheets and guys? It seems that would be easier shorthanded, Thanks again, Gord

Hi Gord: Tough for me to answer your question without seeing the entire rig plan and knowing the engineering. However, what you suggest seems logical. But you might need that baby stay to react the pole load when reaching. I would imagine the Beneteau factory engineers could give you the final word on this. Regards–Steve

Posted by Steve Dashew  (November 30, 1999)

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