Boat Size for Cruising Couple

I realize this must be the single most common question you hear, but I cannot find it on your FAQ page. What are your recommendations on rig type and boat size for a cruising couple? We currently have a Frers 41, but want to move aboard and go offshore indefinitely – so we are looking at other boats. When we cruise now – which is every available moment (we do not race), our boat is stuffed with all manner of gear, supplies, bikes, books etc. Our gear wish list is long, and provisioning for a long journey… Personally we love split rigs, and are very inclined towards a marconi rigged schooner we have seen. My concerns are handling a large boat (60′) with my wife, and of course maintenance costs. Any pointers you may be able to give us would be much appreciated. Thank you for all the information you have published. Alex & Daria Blackwell

Hi Alex and Daria: There is no cook book answer. Many, many trade-offs, starting with budget. However, if you are thinking of a 60-footer, then I would try to stay with a single stick rig. Much simpler, typically more efficient, and easier to sail, as long as you have a good reefing system and proper inner forestay for staysails. Lots more detail on all of this in our Offshore Cruising Ency. Good Luck – Steve

PS-The most important thing is to go cruising. Spend a minimum amount of time on gear and systems, maximize the time spent learning to handle the boat,and then go!

Posted by Steve Dashew  (November 30, 1999)

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