GO Gennaker vs. Langor Genoa

I own a Morris 486 which is equipped with a fully battened mainsail and a 100% roller furling Genoa Each is about 500 ft in area. I am interested in getting more performance in light winds, and was considering either a larger Genoa (135%) or a G-0 gennaker. Any input regarding the pros and cons of each? Conard

Hi Conrad, A G-0 (Cruising Code 0 asymmetric ) will have a bigger impact on your boat’s performance in light winds on any angle except hard on the wind. The self-contained furlers work well in light and moderate conditions so deploying the G-0 will require less effort than changing headsails. The 135% would be a better choice if you sail in a predominantly light wind area and are looking to improve upwind performance. In that case you would probably be using the 135 as your primary headsail, only switching to the 100% on rare, windy days. Regards, Dan Neri

Posted by admin  (November 30, 1999)

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