Camden, Maine – WIth The In Crowd

Camden Maine 100

We’re with the “in” crowd in Camden, Maine.

Camden Maine 101

Wind Horse is anchored between Ticonderoga to the west and

Camden Maine 108

the British J-boat, Velsheda, to the east.

Camden Maine 109

Camden is the opposite of Round Pond. It is oriented towards tourism and yachting, both of which are summer events. The boat watching is excellent, and there are some interesting craft to study, many of which are maintained to the very  highest standards. Speaking of which, how about this for a nearly 80 year old topside?

Camden Maine 110

These days racing yachts have mother ships. This handsom craft attends Velsheda,

Camden Maine 111

a fact made clear by the insignia on the smoke stack.

Camden Maine 102

There are a variety of small craft in use.

Camden Maine 116

With modern rigs like this fully roached scow,

Camden Maine 112

and a schooner with dual Aero Rigs.

Camden Maine 103

And the more traditional like old friend Appledore, here plying her trade.

Camden Maine 128

There is even a Tom Fexas designed Midnight Lace (Tom must be turning in his grave when he thinks about the ugly dinghy boom forward!).

Camden Maine 104

The inner harbor is packed with all manner of craft, with traditional schooners dominating the skyline.

Camden Maine 105

There’s a plethora of bed and breakfast inns, restaurants, a good local market,

Camden Maine 119

and all he tourist oriented art and crafts you could ever want (or not want).

Camden Maine 118

Camden caters to the visiting yachts. Near the dinghy dock is a dumpster for trash, a loading dock that can be used for a couple of hours at no charge, and a friendly dock master eager to assist.

Camden Maine 113

WInd Horse is enjoying her new anchorage. Booms are out now (lots of wakes) and flopper stoppers are rigged. Our Virgin cell phones have no signal in the harbor, but Verizon’s 3G system is working.

Camden Maine 106

We’ll close with a few more photos to set the Camden scene for you.

Camden Maine 114

Camden Maine 117

Camden Maine 115

Camden Maine 121

Camden Maine 120

Camden Maine 124

Camden Maine 125

Camden Maine 126

Camden Maine 129

Camden Maine 130

Posted by Steve Dashew  (August 1, 2011)

8 Responses to “Camden, Maine – WIth The In Crowd”

  1. Ben Ellison Says:

    Hi Steve, Thanks for some great pictures of my homeport and especially for the visit today. (I stopped at my boat on the way home and got Splashtop running in jig time.) And funny that we blogged about some of the same boats today:

    But note that Camden Harbor is not always so rich in notable yachts. On the other hand, didn’t I see the tender to Meteor go by this afternoon. Now that’s a beauty. Can you see her in the Outer Harbor fog?

    Best, Ben

  2. Steve Dashew Says:

    Howdy Ben:
    Meteor is anchored next to us, and we can just make out the loom of her lights. She is a big radar target at 50 or so meters in length!

  3. Michael Says:

    I usually scroll through the photos first then go back and read the captions…the shot of Velsheda’s waterline, reflecting the scene behind, had me stumped for a bit…could not shake the idea that someone left a red and white ribbon streamer floating in the water. Great shots of all the inhabitants! Thanks.

  4. Steve Dashew Says:

    Hi Michael:
    Look carefully at the upper left corner of that topside photo. There is a surprise there.

  5. Peter Rook Says:

    Steve, thanks for yet another beautiful post!!

    Talking about aero rigs, what’s your take on it?
    Doesn’t it put a lot of weight above the deck??

  6. Steve Dashew Says:

    Hi Peter:
    The AeroRig was an interesting concept, but it failed in execution from our perspective. It is noisy in its deck bearings, expensive, and misses the potential with a limited roach.

  7. Michael Seng Says:

    Steve, would that surprise be Windhorse?

  8. Steve Dashew Says:

    Yes, Michael, it is indeed our diminutive Wind Horse.