Code 0 for Cruising

Steve: I have become interested in a Code 0 furled sail as part of my sail inventory. Carol Hasse just finished a full batten main, cruising spinnaker, 100% jib and storm trysail for my Panda 40 cutter. Unfortunate I find myself always needing to beat to weather (especially in San Diego where I reside) and want the best solution for this problem. How versatile is the Code 0 sail, can I use it in winds greater than 10 knots? Will the Code 0 be effective on my heavy displacement cutter? If you were going cruising long distance and already had a cruising chute would this be your next and only other choice of big sail to carry along? Thanks in advance, Keegan

Hi Keegan: How close you can carry the Code 0 depends on its design parameters. The closer you can carry it, the less effective it will be further off the wind. The race boats are carrying these sails as close as 32-33 degrees apparent, in 3-6 knots of wind. But they are tricky to fly.

The one we have on Beowulf’s bowsprit can go as close as 44 degrees apparent, but is marginally more effective at this angle than our small jib–up to eight knots true. At 50 apparent it really comes into its own.

As far as what sail to add with the cruising chute, since you already have the broad reaching situation covered with the cruising chute, the Code 0 should probably be made to fly well at tighter angles. But my guess is that anything closer than 38 to 40 degrees would be very difficult to steer to in a cruising context. Probably best to talk with a sail designer who has experience designing these sails for different wind ranges and se what they suggest.–Steve

Posted by Steve Dashew  (November 30, 1999)

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