Code Zero Sheeting

Hi, I am about to order a flat – code 0 – asymetric set on a prodder for a Grainger 8m Trimara. What sheet angle should I go for? The few web pics I have seen for this have the sheet projecting to above half way of the luff, not half way – which would be correct for a genoa? I will have the block for the clew on an athwardship traveller, but there is no fore and aft adjustment. The sail angles are likely to be 80 – 40 aparent. Many thanks for your input, Simon

Hi Simon: That’s a question you need to ask your sailmaker as it depends on the design of the code zero. Our own experience in the past has been to look for a lead which starts about 45% of the way up the luff (and down through the clew) as the aft sheet position and then have plenty of adjustment forward for deeper angles when the sheet needs to go towards the bow.

This will vary with wind strength as well as true wind angle and sail design. Good Luck – Steve

Posted by Steve Dashew  (November 30, 1999)

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