Cost of Cruising

I am spellbound by the thought of going cruising one day, when and if shore life doesn’t satisfy me anymore, and when and if I can nail down someone who can tell me just how much cruising, including insurance, really costs. And, so I have been browsing the Internet in search of the answers to the questions: why, when, how much, what boat, how safe . . . .

The latest question I ponder is what work might be available along the way, and I hear diesel and refrigeration mechanics can work anytime, anywhere. However, being an engineer who knows about engines and other machines, but who has not practiced machine repair, I wonder what can a peripatetic mechanic do in the bowels of a boat, other than normal, routine preventative maintenance I suspect many sailors perform for money-saving reasons. Just what tasks related to machines and systems are sailors willing to pay for?! Regards, Craig.

Hi Craig: First, on costs, check out the cruising correspondents on last month and you will find some feedback on the cost of cruising. Also, this, and earning money as you cruise, are covered in detail in Offshore Cruising Encyclopedia

As to your question about earning money…you are right, most sailors watch their budget pretty carefully and do as much of their own work as possible. However, there are always opportunities for the mechanically gifted aboard the larger yachts–sail and power–and with shore-side positions. If you are good with your hands, you won’t go hungry when you are cruising! Regards–Steve Dashew

Posted by Steve Dashew  (November 30, 1999)

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