Cruising Japan

We want to leave from San Fransciso (we are based in Sausalito) and sail to Japan, then spend a year visiting the islands of Japan. Aside from Jimmy C’s Cruising Routes, do you know of any articles/people that might be a good source of info?

Most of what I see on the Net is from Japan to the USA.

No, we don’t have a fast vessel; I have read of your philosophy and I agree with it in principle, but we love our boat – a Shannon 43 ketch, with mizzen staysail rigging – but what advice/ resources might you pass along? Many thanks, David and Kathryn S.

Hi David & Kathryn: I would suggest checking with SSCA – there is bound to be something in the back bulletins. Also, one of the SetSail cruising correspondents, Al and Beth Liggett, might be able to offer some suggestions on information as they have cruised Japan in the past. Good Luck – Steve Dashew

Posted by Steve Dashew  (November 30, 1999)

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