Deerfoot 2-62 Moonshadow


Back in the olden days, more than a quarter of a century ago, the Deerfoot 2-62 represented our best shot at the ultimate short handed cruiser. As we are presently in the same neighborhood as Moonshadow, it has been interesting (and enjoyable) to have a close look at this design after all these years.


People often comment on our short rigs. Short compared to beamy high drag designs you say? We plead guilty.


But let’s not confuse rig height and short handed ocean cruising speed. Moonshadow sailed in the first ARC 25 years ago and her transatlantic record stood for ten years until bettered by one of our Sundeer 64s. There were lots of taller rigged Swans, Baltics, etc. that tried to get across the pond quicker.


How does she power? George Backhus, her second owner (now for 16 years), sent us the photo above, taken after repowering with a 140HP Yanmar.


Moonshadow (background) and Interlude (foreground) were both designed in 1983, before 3D computer design programs, using splines and ducks (lead weights) doing weight and balance calculations on paper!


Under George’s ownership Moonshadow has sailed more than 70,000 miles.


Moonshadow concludes her circumnavigation in the Canary  Islands which your correspondents, George, and Merima are duly celebrating.


Now, a quick tour on deck (we’ll cover the interior in a later post).  The 2-62s have an aft sailing cockpit.


Primary winches and main sheet are close at hand.


There is a short bridge deck with high handrails leading to the center cockpit.


This is the primary lounging and watch standing area.


The dodger side and forward windows open for ventilation in the tropics.


Note the handrails on the outside of the dodger.


Looking aft at the dodger with the forward window open.


A turnbuckle provides tension for the framework.


The box around the mast collar reduces wave impact and provides a place for rope tails to be flaked.


The mainsail has a single line reefing system.


The Reckman roller furler is original, still using the same bearings with which it came.


The radar mast has a short boom to assist with man overboard recovery.


The stainless steel fittings are rudder gudgeons for an emergency steering system.


After 25 years Moonshadow is looking very good to us, and we feel like there is a direct connection between her, Wind Horse, and the FPB 64s.


The goal remains the same, the ideal short-handed cruising yacht.


Moonshadow is doing the 25th anniversary ARC (Atlantic Rally for Cruisers), from Las Palmas in the Canaries to St Lucia in the West Indies. It will be interesting to see how she “competes” with the much beamier, deeper draft, taller rigged cruising yachts.

Interior photos will follow after we meet up again.

Posted by Steve Dashew  (November 1, 2010)

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