Design Origin of PRIVATUS

Hi Linda & Steve, My wife and I have just purchased your Offshore Cruising Encyclopedia and are enjoying the read very much. Keep up the good work.

A quick question, based on information in the above mentioned book and on your website, I was under the impression the “Deerfoot” name designation was yours. However, I have just come across a Deerfoot 50 (s/v Privatus) that is said to be designed by Ulf Rogeberg and built by Hinkley, Lange & Son. Any explanation or information you or your staff can provide about other “Deerfoots” would be appreciated. Regards, Roy

Hi Roy: We sold the Deerfoot business in 1986. “Privatus” was designed by Ulf, as you’ve indicated, and Ulf’s a fine designer. However, we had no involvement with the boat, so I cannot comment on it technically (have never even seen photos of it).

What I’ve heard is that the project started out in the Pacific Northwest, then got into trouble and the boat/molds, etc. were shipped back to Hinkley for completion. I’m not sure how accurate this data is.

I would judge the boat on its own merits, aside from any “labels” which don’t mean much anyway. Regards–Steve

Posted by Steve Dashew  (November 30, 1999)

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