Diesel Fuel System


We are starting to work on the Owner’s manual, the first section of which is about the fuel system. As we have been taking photos we thought you might like to see the completed system.


Lets assume we are filling the day tank. This manifold is under the galley sole and selects which tank you draw from with valves on the right. The left hand side selects which tank you return fuel to if you are trimming the boat or polishing fuel.


The valves are clearly labeled.



Fuel from the main tanks is drawn through these oversized filters by one of two fuel pumps.


These selector switches chose which of the two geared transfer pumps are used and if the system is to be run automatically – which is the norm – or manually controlled when polishing or transferring.


Breakers for the fuel pumps and control circuit are located on the aft DC electrical panel.


These eight valves are used to determine fuel system operation. With them you can:

  • Select pump one or two.
  • Draw from the main tanks and fill the day tank.
  • Lower day tank level.
  • Polish main tanks.
  • Polish day tank.

Operation is actually quite simple.


You can follow the labels and arrows, or look at the photos of valve settings in the manual.


The valves here are set to use fuel pump # one, and fill the day tank.


From the bottom of the day tank fuel passes through these valves to the prefilters and then the consumers. Fuel flow can be shut off from outside the engine room with a Morse cable.


Fuel from the day tank is delivered to the engine via another set of dual Racor filters. Kabola heater and genset share a single filter.


There is a sight gauge with which to check day tank level. The sight gauge has valves at the bottom and


the top. These valves are closed in adverse weather.

Although the system looks complex it is actually quite easy to use. Set the valves once, select tank from which to draw fuel, and let the auto fill system do the rest.

Posted by Steve Dashew  (March 30, 2010)

4 Responses to “Diesel Fuel System”

  1. Casey Brister Says:

    Incredible job! Will a copy of the Owners manual be available for download or purchase?

  2. Steve Dashew Says:

    Hi Casey:
    The manual comes free with your FPB 64. Otherwise, it is not available.

  3. Casey Brister Says:

    That was the joke I told my wife. “I bet the cost of the manual is about the price of a new boat!”

  4. Max Says:

    Buy the manual and we’ll throw in the boat for free.