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Hello SetSail folks…

First things…I have truly enjoyed your website and cover stories, please continue with your efforts. I am writing from Edmonton, Canada in hopes of receiving some direction or recommendations from those with much more knowledge in the area of sailing than I. I understand my vision may be a long-shot, but am hoping someone will come to my aid.

I have enjoyed the opportunity to be a passenger on a few larger sailing vessels (cruise-like atmosphere) in the Caribbean and am now looking to expand my travels, feed my desires and drive for sailing and partake on a short or long-distance sailing venture on a smaller vessel. Unfortunately, my skills in the same are lacking, as I have no formal or informal training here. I have a reputable and successful career in health care, but am looking to leave and do some traveling, particularly to join a family or crew on an extended sailing journey (s), to offer my assistance if/where possible and perhaps learn about seamanship during the ventures. I am considering travel in the Caribbean, Australia or other tropical destinations.

I again realize this may be a long-shot and was at a loss as to where to initiate such a search. Can you offer any suggestions, contacts or links to families or individuals in search of a trustworthy, hardworking and dedicated traveling companion for their travels (this could also include for child care, extreme novice crew, or even bartending)? For personal information on myself, I would be happy to offer that which would help narrow the search. For the basics, I am 30 yrs of age, female, divorced and financially secure. What else can I offer to assist in my search? Please let me know of any suggestions. Your help is greatly appreciated. Do not hesitate to contact me via e-mail. Thank you, again. Tammy

Hi Tammy: There are several courses of action you can follow. First, improving your sailing skills and knowledge of seamanship will help your chances of getting a good crewing position. You can learn a bit from books. But the best approach is to get some small boat experience. I would start with a small sailing dinghy to learn the basics. Then try one of the sailing schools, or do a teaching charter with one of the charter/teaching outfits.

As to finding someone in need of crew, the SCCA has a crew needed/looking list in their monthly mailer (and it would be a great organization for you to join), and there are other lists here and there on the internet (sorry, but we don’t have a list). Finally, Latitude 38 in the San Francisco Bay area has a fall “crew party” every year where you can find folks looking for crew. Good Luck–Steve Dashew

Posted by Steve Dashew  (November 30, 1999)

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