First Passage: FPB 64 Iron Lady Surfing to Tonga in a Gale

With a bit of offshore experience under your belt, and the right yacht, preparing for and executing ocean crossings becomes routine. You will get to the point where you will decide to go on Monday, spend the next couple days provisioning, and be gone by Thursday. But the first time you head for the horizon, there’s going to be some trepidation. It happens with everyone.

The video that follows was shot aboard the FPB 64 Iron Lady by Pete Rossin during unforecast gale conditions on the way from New Zealand to Tonga. When you watch the video and listen to Pete’s comments, keep in mind that this is Pete and Deb’s first ocean crossing.

Note: To view higher or lower-res versions of the video, per your connection speed, visit our smugmug page.

Posted by admin  (May 16, 2012)

3 Responses to “First Passage: FPB 64 Iron Lady Surfing to Tonga in a Gale”

  1. Bob N Says:

    I’m green.

  2. Val Creighton, 64-7 Says:

    And I’m READY.
    Thanks for the video, Pete.

  3. Bob N Says:

    With envy! With envy!