FPB 64


I have followed Wind Horse occasionally and am in tune with your design philosophy. I am delighted to see your new 64.

I have several questions that I could not find answered on you excellent web pages:

What does FPB stand for?

What is the cost of your FPB 64?

Have you reduced the draft on the prop skeg after the first version? I live on the Gulf coat of Florida where shallow draft is important.

Thank you,

Randy Knight

Hi Randy:

Functional Power Boat = FPB. Current price, fully equipped is about US$2.5 million. Draft has not been reduced. But depeneding on howo the boat is to be used and if y ou were prepared to sacrifice a few points in efficiency you might cut four inches/100mm off the prop and skeg.

Posted by Steve Dashew  (August 30, 2010)

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