FPB 64-6 Grey Wolf – A Few Details

FPB 64 6 Grey Wolf Details 102

Yesterday evening we were aboard the sixth FPB 64, Grey Wolf and thought a few of her details might be of interest.

She is the first of the FPB 64s to have an enlarged salon and slightly smaller galley.

FPB 64 6 Grey Wolf Details 100

The galley still offers wonderful storage, lots of work surface, and great views.

FPB 64 6 Grey Wolf Details 105

The large drawer stack remains, with slightly less volume of counter top lockers. There is still space below the sink for the drawer style dish washer.

FPB 64 6 Grey Wolf Details 108

The return to the left of the stove, is intended to help constrain your body at sea. This is reduced in size from the standard layout, so it provides somewhat less protection.

FPB 64 6 Grey Wolf Details 103

The salon benefits from this slight galley compression.

FPB 64 6 Grey Wolf Details 106

FPB 64 6 Grey Wolf Details 107

Note that the starboard side seating is now the same length as the port side.

FPB 64 6 Grey Wolf Details 101

This was accomplished by switching from separate washer and dryer units to a combination washer/dryer.

FPB 64 6 Grey Wolf Details 109

Gray Wolf also has a high/low folding table, shown here in the at-anchor lounging position.

FPB 64 6 Grey Wolf Details 110

The table here is in its raised position with the leaves tucked under the fixed center section.

FPB 64 6 Grey Wolf Details 111

And then in this and the photo below with leaves extended.

FPB 64 6 Grey Wolf Details 112

Posted by Steve Dashew  (January 12, 2013)

10 Responses to “FPB 64-6 Grey Wolf – A Few Details”

  1. Bob N Says:

    Does this layout make the starboard settee long enough to lie down on?

  2. Steve Dashew Says:

    Yes, the starboard settee is now 2M (6.5′).

  3. Steve B Says:

    Beautiful table, well done guys.

  4. David Sutton Says:

    Hi Steve,

    She looks lovely.
    I see that the helm seat post is installed offset from the wheel. Is there a slider on the under-side of the seat to line it up with the helm?
    I couldn’t quite tell from the photos, but is there enough room forward of the table to get into the settee?

    Looking forward to more posts from your trip.

  5. Steve Dashew Says:

    Helm wheel is normally removed, David:
    Plenty of access to the settees. And, there is a 6″/150mm slide on the helm seat.

  6. Clive Minchom Says:

    Very beautiful design and the larger living area looks great.

    Why not put the laundry facilities completely downstairs and free up even a little more kitchen-related storage space in your Great Room?

  7. Steve Dashew Says:

    Laundry facilities are in use every other day and the machine operators prefer the view from on high.

  8. Michael Meerkamp Says:

    Very nice boat. I have one question concerning the handles for the fridge in the kitchen. I’m looking a long time for something like that. Where did you get them?

    Best regards from Germany Michael

  9. Todd Rickard Says:

    Hello Michael,
    The handles are common refrigeration compression handles. We custom build each of the refrigeration and freezer boxes. The process we use is similar to what is described in Steve & Linda’s book – Offshore Cruising Encyclopedia. We are using the Frigoboat keel cooled compressor/evaporator plate systems.
    -Todd R.

  10. Scott Evangelista Says:

    So now that sufficient time has past, I would be interested in the owners feedback on the combined washer/dryer.