FPB 64 Iron Lady Launches

FPB64 3 Launch 360

Let us introduce you to FPB 64-3, Iron Lady, about to start her sea trials.

FPB64 3 Launch 345

Iron Lady is the first FPB 64 to have a stern extension bolted on. We will have performance numbers on this shortly and report them in due course.

FPB64 3 Launch 348

Note the nicely faired buttock lines.

FPB64 3 Launch 347

The rudder is huge relative to the steering loads at sea, optimized for close in maneuvering. It is built to twice the ABS rule scantling requirements. Note how clean it is when seen from aft. This is a key ingredient in prop efficiency.

FPB64 3 Launch 366

First thing on launch is check the hull penetrations, which in the extension is a depth transducer.

FPB64 3 Launch 373

Iron Lady afloat. After 30 years, and more launches than we can count, it still gives us a buzz to see a new design sitting on her lines.

Stay tuned. There are more photos coming soon.

Posted by Steve Dashew  (February 1, 2011)

5 Responses to “FPB 64 Iron Lady Launches”

  1. Scott Says:


    Nice lines!

    The stern extension is well executed.

    Looks to be a very sensible and versatile addition.

  2. JR Says:

    Fascinating boats. Congrats on the launch.

  3. Pete Rossin Says:

    It’s tough being half a world away, buried in snow with your new boat sitting on her lines in sunny NZ. See you in four weeks Iron Lady!

  4. Rick de Castro Says:

    That extension looks GREAT! It looks like it belongs there. Well done!

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