FPB 64s # Five and Six Construction Details


We look at photos of FPB 64s under construction typically on a weekly basis. And although we have seen this many times before, with older designs, and with the FPBs, we still get a buzz. The long time SetSailors amongst you will have been through this with us as well, but it has been a year or more, so we are going to post updates from time to time. If we are totally boring you, protest, and we will take theshowing under advisement.

Starting with the pointy end, the Circa fabricators are getting ready to tack on rolled plate.


Note the 12mm (almost 1/2″) bottom plate!


Fork lift moves the bottom plate into a position where it is tack welded to the framing skeleton.


Bottom plate tacked in place.


The tangential plates across the seams are for alignment.


Structure starts with the framing system. This one is double the stiffness required by the Lloyds Special Service rule.


Next a few details on t he deck.



The computer controlled cutting table at work.


Parts are marked with construction details during the plotting process prior to the cutter being engaged.


These parts have been ground smooth with areas to be welded propped


Furniture is coming along for both boats.


Circa are way ahead of where they were on the first four boats, now all cruising.


Drawers for both hulls five and six.


The fridge/freezer box for #5 is almost complete.


These boxes are extraordinarily expensive, but very efficient.


Can you ID this? Its  the flying bridge table.

Posted by Steve Dashew  (June 1, 2011)

7 Responses to “FPB 64s # Five and Six Construction Details”

  1. Howard Eckles Says:

    Hi. I’m fascinated with your projects. I began looking at setsail when your floated your USB idea. Keep the pictures and ideas coming!

  2. Bill Kelly Says:

    Lovely, fascinating pictures, never tire of looking at the awesome engineering detail that goes into your fine vessels. Keep em coming.
    Nauticat 44
    San Francisco

  3. Ward Says:

    I recently read Larry Pardey’s book on classic wooden boat construction, which documents the building of Taliesin. It’d be fascinating to see a book on modern aluminum boat construction showing the step by step construction of a FPB.

  4. Tim Gardner Says:

    Steve / Linda
    You ask whether or not to post the pics of the construction of the next 2 FPB’s ?
    Bring them on ! Not many folks get to see how this all happens.
    Hope you are enjoying the sights & smells of the ICW.

  5. Scott Says:

    Keep them coming please Steve, watching this stage of the 82′ build is what got me hooked.
    It is great to see Circa step up and two disciplines of metal and wood working together.
    I used to watch my Pop making wooden boats in his shed when I was a kid.
    This is the same, but different, I feel the same joy watchint all come together.

    I LOVE IT!



  6. Brian Says:

    Don’t you dare cut out construction detail photos!!! 😉


  7. Max Says:

    Hi Steve,
    Absolutely loving these pics and info. Perhaps you could start a new blog called “Cutting edge boat building”.
    Thanks and cheers.