FPB 97-1 Plated Up

FPB 971 Construction progress 101

FPB 97-1 is well along now, with the main framing and plating of the hull almost complete.

FPB 971 Construction progress 100

We spend some of our weight budget on extra heavy topside and bottom plates because these gives higher factors of safety, and they produce very fair surfaces, as you can see here.

FPB 971 Construction progress 102

Of course once these are full welded there will be a bit of distortion, but compared to most metal yachts they are almost as fair as a painted hull – without the hassles of paint.

FPB 971 Construction progress 104

The forepeak is now decked over, giving a sense of space to this area.

FPB 971 Construction progress 103

Speaking of decking, the roof of the great room, which is also the deck of the Matrix deck area, is assembled and tack welded.

FPB 971 Construction progress 106

This photo is taken from the aft end of the Matrix deck. The notches in the coamings are for access to the docking stations.

FPB 971 Construction progress 105

We are looking aft here, down what will become the stairway between main deck and Matrix deck. The flanged surface, center left in the photo, is where the mast assembly will be affixed.

There are lots of other things going on with this first of the Wicked FPB 97s, and we’ll show you a few more details next time.

Posted by Steve Dashew  (May 17, 2013)

8 Responses to “FPB 97-1 Plated Up”

  1. James Masters Says:

    Re top-pic: the size-difference twixt the 97 + the 64 is remarkably visually-obvious. Wow, that’s big. Sets me to thinking/imagining the visual-experience of the actual size of a 115 …. Thank you so much for creating these phenomenal vessels.

  2. Jonathan Says:

    How do you feel, Steve, as this vessel from your drawing board, takes shape? do you feel “this is the job and let us get on with it” or do you still have a little awe as your design comes together?

  3. Steve Dashew Says:

    When we see a project like this come together there is always a feeling of amazement. Between the complexity, the teamwork, and the multi-thousands of design and engineering hours, not to mention the actual build cycle, we have not lost the feeling of overpowering awe at the process.

  4. Scotto Says:

    I was having withdrawals, no news for so long.
    But, WOW, the update is awesome,
    I agree with James, the visual difference to the 64… Bring on a 115… Please.

    Waiting keenly for the next update

  5. Michael Says:


    Thanks for sharing your passion with the world. It’s rare that a person like yourself is willing to share their experiences with the masses and remain humble and open to learning. I’ve always enjoyed being able to chime in about various topics and the next day you’ve written either a post or a simple reply answering sometimes basic questions. I can’t speak for other set sailors, but it’s amazing you are willing to stick to your ”roots” and take the time to educate during what must a hectic and strenuous time with regards to the FPB research and design cycle.

    As for the new vessel. Congratulations! All the best !

  6. Michael Seng Says:

    Steve and the rest of the team, …simply amazing!
    Thank you for taking us along!

  7. David Guest Says:

    It’s a 97 foot sign with a single word … awesome….

  8. Shannon Says:

    Just amazing. It’s stunning in photos & I am sure it’s even more impressive in person. Are you ready to build a 115 for us? Ok,maybe not us,I am a bit short on funds but I would love to see the flagship be built for some lucky owner. I love seeing a truly functional,efficient yacht instead of a box that they cram as much as possible into a given length.