FPB Program Update – April 13, 2012

FPB 64 Update April 12 2012 100

This is an appropriate photo with which to bring you up to date. One door closes, another opens. We are pleased to report that metal has begun to be cut for FPB 64s numbers eight and nine, while production engineering has officially begun for the first FPB 97. Metal for FPB 97-1 is scheduled to be on the cutting table the third quarter of  2012. When FPB 97-1 launches fourth quarter 2014, she will be cruised by her owners on their own, without permanent crew, although there will be crew facilities should a future owner wish a hand or two with maintenance.

And closer in time, FPB 64-5 is nearing completion. FPB 64-9 will be the last in that series for now, after which all attention will be focused on the FPB 97. Since there are still buyers for the FPB 64s, you may be wondering why we are taking this unusual step. The answer is simple:

Building high quality yachts is not easy. In fact, one could argue that it is the hardest of endeavors. And with the limited bandwidths of ourselves and Circa, if production ramps up too quickly, then quality is sure to suffer. We prefer to go a little slower, and concentrate on building the best. Once the FPB 97s are underway, we’ll revisit this conundrum. If you have been dreaming of an FPB 64 at some point in the future, stay in touch. Looking further ahead, if demand is there, we’ll most probably be ready for a new series of boats.

FPB 64 Update April 12 2012 100 2

FPB 64-7 is now well along with its metal work.

FPB 64 Update April 12 2012 112

Including the Great Room roof and flying bridge, shown here having its inside being welded.

FPB 64 Update April 12 2012 102 2

FPB 64-5 is the first in this series to have the new aft deck layout. Note the enclosed and lengthened stairs to the flying bridge.

FPB 64 Update April 12 2012 103 2

The wet locker now resides under the stairs, as well as room for storage of other gear.

FPB 64 Update April 12 2012 105 2

There is a seating arrangement aft, and in the lee of the entry door.

FPB 64 Update April 12 2012 102

It has been a while since we’ve shown you the inside of the forepeak. You are looking here at the aft starboard corner. The shore power plugs and selector switch are in the corner. The projection to the right in the photo is the storage spindle for the spare propeller.

FPB 64 Update April 12 2012 103

Aft port side now, looking at the edge of the Furuno CH270 sonar, forepeak bilge pump, and toilet exhaust standpipe. Note that the aluminum standpipe is hard anodized. Should replacement ever be required, it is easily unbolted.

FPB 64 Update April 12 2012 105

Forward is the black water tank for the master suite toilet.

FPB 64 Update April 12 2012 104

With the bow thruster mounted below the black water tank.

FPB 64 Update April 12 2012 106

Finally, the self-draining chain bin with the Maxwell V4000 windlass about to be wired.

FPB 64 Update April 12 2012 106 2

Back in the engine room, things are being tidied up. This is the Yanmar 100HP get-home system.

FPB 64 Update April 12 2012 115

And a very clean looking fuel line manifold.

FPB 64 Update April 12 2012 113

There are two fresh water pressure pumps, plumbed in parallel, so it is easy to change over if the primary pump fails.

Posted by Steve Dashew  (April 13, 2012)

5 Responses to “FPB Program Update – April 13, 2012”

  1. David M. Says:

    I am crushed, like many that follow the 64’s it is at the top of my shopping list when I win the lottery….so you can discount me as a qualified buyer unfortunately. However, having been in manufacturing for 40 yrs., it has been my experience that a crews (craftsmen’s) proficiency improves with repetitions (learning curve), this is especially true with more complex tasks. I expect the construction of hull 9 of the 64 series will proceed more quickly and with fewer glitchs than prior builds. The longer the 64’s are out of production the more the construction “lessons learned” will fade, finally if production on the 64’s is discontinued long enough upon restart crews will commence the learning process for this configuration (64’s) from the beginning. Hope you will restart the 64 line sometime in the near future.

    Love the 64’ please keep the build progress posts coming…….best of luck with the 97.

  2. Erik Says:

    Exiting news. I am really looking forward to see the FPB97 being build. It looks like you designed her after receiving an order.

  3. Steve Dashew Says:

    Design first, then orders…

  4. Steve B Says:

    Hi Steve,

    Is the FPB 115 also on ‘hold’ during the FPB 97 build? Have you ever considered having yourselves cloned?

    Cheers, Steve

  5. Steve Dashew Says:

    Right now, only one project at a time. Cloning is not required as we have a good team in place. But if we are going to build the very best yachts possible, then we need to concentrate our efforts.