Free-Flying Roller-Furling Gear

A rigging question: What make (I assume ProFurl) and model furler would you recommend for our big reacher? The little Hood unit that was on the boat has a nice small headfoil for minimal windage but marginal drum capacity even at 5/16″ line for this big sail? These Spectra sheets and halyards are great! Have you had any problems with knots (bowlines) failing? Ref. June Sail magazine article. Thanks, Kurt

Hi Kurt: We use the Profurl model 4000 free flying gear. It should be fine for you as BEOWULF has at least double your stability (with the Deerfoot 74). Be sure the sailmaker uses a really heavy, stiff piece of spectra with a dacron cover–probably 9/16 for your luff length–and you will need to keep the luff really tight when you roll the sail. Re spectra and knots–the only place we knot spectra where it is loaded is in the spinnaker halyards. This is 1/2″ material and we are working it at around 20% of breaking strength max–so knots have not been a problem. Everything else (working halyards, runners, jib sheets) have splices. Steve

Posted by Steve Dashew  (November 30, 1999)

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