Furlers: Profurl vs. Schafer

Hi! I was wanting to ask Steve if he compared Profurl to Schafer furlers and if so, why he chose Profurl?…Thanks.

Hi: The answer is no.

When we started using Profurl on clients’ boats the other gear just did not compete in our view. When the time came to decide on a system for Beowulf, we had lots of experience with Profurl, so we stayed with them. Incidentally, we started with jib hanks on Beowulf, and switched to the Profurl when we reached New Zealand.

The jib we now have, made by North, has a vertical batten in the foot and three along the leech, all parallel with the headstay so they do not inhibit rolling. These battens allow us to have a sail shape much closer to what we used with hanks, where we had a full width batten towards the top of the sail.–Steve Dashew

Posted by Steve Dashew  (November 30, 1999)

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