Furuno Fax 30

Hi Steve and Linda,

Hope this finds you well and having fun wherever you are. In all
honesty, I have not been keeping up with you the last 2 1/2 or so years.

In trying to find something in the way of a review for Furuno’s Fax 30, I
see that you installed one going on two years ago. So, I just wondered
if you would have time to say a word or two about how you like
it(couldn’t find such mention on your site). Maybe one of my questions
is whether or not it adequately provides on it’s own the weather fax
function of a ssb radio? I don’t have the transmitter yet, so wondering
whether the 30 might let me put that off for awhile longer, but get me
used to using the faxes. Please refer me to something that I missed that
you have already written if you like.

Roger N. Larson

Hi Roger:

We do indeed have the black box Furuno Fax. While we love other Furuno gear, for serious use this device has too many drawbacks. For example: no audio so it is difficult to tuneĀ  on weak stations, limited memory (six to eight charts), clunky export software for saving images to PC (one at a time requiring typing in the individual file names).

We use our SSB with the Pactor modem most of the time for weather faxes. The only time we use the Furuno is if the PC is tied up with e-mail via the Iridum satphone or SSB.

Did I mention we don’t like thisĀ  gear? The old style printer fax is still the way to go.

Posted by Steve Dashew  (February 7, 2010)

2 Responses to “Furuno Fax 30”

  1. J-G Nadeau Says:

    I have been trying to connect my PC to the Fax30 but the manual only provides instructions compatible with an old version of MS Explorer. When i try to set it up many of the screens just aren’t there in the newer versions. Have you been able to get around that problem?
    Thanks, J-G Nadeau, SV Gosling, MX

  2. Steve Dashew Says:

    Check with Furuno. I am not a Fax 30 fan and it is not easy to connect.