Testing an Induction Cooktop for Wind Horse

induction cooktop on boat galley

We have been testing an “induction” (magnetic) cooktop on Wind Horse. In theory, this takes a fraction of the power of conventional electric units, and we will be using these in lieu of propane on the FPB 64s.

Result – this technology works really well. Linda was able to make a Sunday morning breakfast (boil water for coffee, cook bacon, and fry eggs) in just under 14 minutes of cooking time. Average draw off the inverter was 1300 watts during this time. This works out to 330 watts for a rather large (for us) breakfast which otherwise would have been cooked with propane.

It looks like over a two-day period, with five meals being prepared using the induction hot plate, the max amps would be around 50 (at 24 volts). This assumes light lunches, and the sixth meal would be cooked during a generator run. Assuming we needed to put those 50 amps back into the batteries, we are talking in terms of 15 to 20 minutes of extra genset time every other day.

We are going to use this unit over the next year and will report further. So far, it appears to give better control of heat, should reduce propane consumption to a minimum (probably just use it for the oven) and reduce the propane risks since the solenoid will be open a much smaller percentage of the time.

If this concept appeals, Google “Induction Cooktops” and you will find a raft of single burner units from which to choose.

Posted by Steve Dashew  (February 26, 2008)

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