Induction Cooktops

hi linda and steve,

we recently sold our sailing catamaran we cruised on for 10 years and have gone to the “dark-side”. as i write this we are having a 47′ power catamaran being built in maine. we are just about 70yrs and in the future will limit ouselves to the usa, bahamas and the caribbean. no more sail handling in nighttime squalls!

it has been with great interest that we learned you are using induction cooktops.

power generation: we will have 680 watts of solar panels, 1260 amps in a house battery bank, and a 6kw. genset. in the past we could basically live off solar while anchored in the tropics even making water (12 gph at a draw of about 15 amps per hour). we will have “dumpster” style fridge/freezers that draw less than 5 amps and run 1/3rd of the time. all lighting is LED and we read and do not plan on getting a tv.

can we look forward to induction cooking? anything you can share about your experiences will be appreciated.

regards/glenn and pam cooper

p.s. we loved your high lattitude photos.

Hi Glenn and Pam:

If you search SetSail for “Induction” you will find some amp hour data on using our cooktop. My guess is that in your cruising area on sunny days about 1/3rd of your solar power would cover the induction cooker. For big galley projects this might double. You can buy a single burner unit for around US$125. Grab one and test it and see what you think. That is how we started.

Posted by Steve Dashew  (October 27, 2009)

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