Junk Rigs

After watching your Offshore Cruising Video, I happened to see a picture of a ketch rigged with junk sails. One reminded me of the other. Is that where you got the idea for the fully battened sails front and rear? I sure do like that combination. Do you think it would work for a 40 ft. boat? What is your opinion of junk rigged cruising sailboats? Sidney

Hi Sidney: The chinese have been doing highly efficient rigs and hulls for the last couple of thousand years. And, if you don’t have the material for a modern rig, I think the junk rig is great. But not nearly as efficient as a modern, higher aspect ratio plan form which looks the same sail shape wise on both tacks. As far as boat size, as much as we love the ketch rig, for a whole variety of reasons, starting with cost and complexity, it does not make sense until you are forced to use it by shear size of the boat. Steve Dashew

Posted by Steve Dashew  (November 30, 1999)

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