Learning Offshore Skills

Dear Dashews: I saw your ad for the Beowulf in Latitude 38. I fell in love. Can’t afford it quite yet but am vigorously trying. Been a fond admirer of your work since seeing one of your designs tied up in Emeryville. The couple had been cruising for almost a year. I would like to become an expert sailor. Currently I have only limited experience in the SF bay and Caribbean. Is there a route of training you recommend, or is there a school you might suggest? Of course these would be in addition to your books which I will purchase. Your ideas would be most appreciated. Best regards, Eric.

Hi Eric: Thanks for the kind words. The current issue (August 15, 1999) of Practical Sailor has a readers’ evaluation of various sailing schools around the country. And for learning offshore skills I’d recommend John and Amanda Neal aboard their Mahina Tiare (sailing@mahina.com). Good luck with your plans, Steve Dashew

Posted by Steve Dashew  (November 30, 1999)

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