Leaving the Boat in Antigua, St. Lucia, or Guadaloupe


I need a word of advice: Would you feel comfortable leaving a boat unattended for a month in St. Lucia Rodney Bay Marina or you would prefer moving it to Guadeloupe or Antigua? Thanks for your help, Giorgio

Hi Giorgio: We’ve only left our own boat hauled out on Virgin Gorda in the British West Indies (twice). The yard is quite secure and we had no problems.

We’ve spent time in all of the other spots you mention, but I don’t know about leaving the boat. It would depend on the boat, who is looking after it, etc. Wherever you leave it, I would remove any roller furling sails, and prepare the boat as if for a hurricane. Heavy dock lines, good chafing gear, and have someone you can trust who checks periodically to make sure bilges are dry, etc.

Our preference has always been to dry store our boats, even when we’re just leaving for six or eight weeks. It is often less costly than leaving the boat in the water, and the risks are less. – Steve

Posted by Steve Dashew  (November 30, 1999)

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