Limit of Positive Stability Data

Hi–I read about the importance of knowing your boat’s LPS in the Offshore Cruising Encyclopedia, and I was wondering where and how I can review the LPs for different models of boats so I can use that information to help me buy the right boat for me. Is there a site online that lists the LPs for different models of yachts? Thanks, Erin

Hi Erin: Good data to be hunting for! In the US, go to the United States Sailing Association, and ask for the IMS measurement certificate listing. This will have the basic data, including LPs, on a variety of boats–and the data will surprise you. It is often a lot different than manufacturers claims.

Keep in mind that boats vary within class based on how they are rigged. If you are looking at IMS data with sails furled on deck, and you cruise with two roller-furled headsails, there will be a significant difference. Regards–Steve

Posted by Steve Dashew  (November 30, 1999)

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