Mariner Furling with Hanked on sails

The Bayfield 32 I recently bought has old Mariner furling units on both the head sail and the stay sail. These allow easy (relatively) changes of sail configuration as they allow hanked-on sails. I know that you had used and recommended these units in the past and I was wondering if you still had praise for them? What if any trade-offs am I making if I keep them? It seems to me that they might have issues as stay tension is increased. They seem to work, but as I’m a new sailor and this is my first sailboat, I have nothing to compare them to. Thanks

The Mariner system, if structurally sound and the bearings still working, is excellent. Easy sail changing and less weight and windage aloft, and you have it.


Posted by Steve Dashew  (July 22, 2010)

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