Minimizing Discomfort of a Rough Passage

I have enjoyed your site very much for a long time. Into the Light (by Dave & Jaja Martin) has been "the book" for me. Both have been a major help in turning me from dreamer to setting the goals and schedules to make it come true. An amazing content of worthwhile reading from all authors.

My wife and I are contemplating a charter from Puerto Vallarta to Cabo San Lucas April 15-21 and the Captain has been straightforward in saying it will be an upwind and uncomfortable passage. He adds that it is only 300 miles. He has now departed Natal and will be out of touch for a time. We are left wondering about how long the actual passage might be. We are willing to endure a bash for a few days but wish to be up for enjoying Cabo to the fullest also. As we don’t personally know anyone to ask I thought maybe SetSail could help. Any advice or even general opinions will be greatly appreciated. Till my next order, Thanks, Everett

Hi Everett: Heading from Puerto Vallarta to Cabo can be difficult depending on the boat and how the northers are doing coming down the Sea of Cortez. There is no way for us to estimate the time involved, but the skipper of the boat should be able to do that for you.

Assuming it is a beat all the way, where you live aboard the boat will have a big impact on your comfort. The closer you are to the center of the boat, and the lower down in the hull, the less motion you will feel.

Also, the course taken can have a big impact. Sometimes, especially if conditions are light when you start, it can make sense to run due north along the coast, and then hop across to Cabo when the you have a more favorable angle. Good Luck – Steve

Posted by Steve Dashew  (November 30, 1999)

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