Mono-hull vs. Multi-hulls

I was just looking at your website and if I understood correctly,
you went to a mono-hull for cruising, after using the multi-hulls for some time. I prefer multi-hulls myself.

I am wondering why did you go for a mono-hull instead of a little bigger multi?


Hi Gilbert:

A complex question to answer, but it boils down to these items for us:

1-Capsize recovery (essential for offshore work).

2-Performance and space at a constant budget (multihullss are slower and more costly).

3-Motion (we prefer the softer ride of a monomaran).

Posted by Steve Dashew  (May 8, 2010)

One Response to “Mono-hull vs. Multi-hulls”

  1. David wright Says:

    Gilbert, cruising cats don’t capsize, show me a capsized multiple and I’ll show you a racing boat sailed beyond it’s limits.
    Secondly, after cruising for 17 years on monos Up to 92ft I have out stripped any days run on them with my heavy cruising 40ft cat in two years. So I’m not sure where Steve is getting his slower comment from or what he is sailing now.
    He has me on the last point though, except when the wind is behind the beam.
    Keep on catting.