Norseman Fittings and Holland Yachts

Once again thanks for the great books. I’ve had the Offshore Cruising Encyclopedia for a year or so and have just been given Surviving the Storm as a present…One more to go, but Christmas is near.

Just a quick one: I’m in Hong Kong at the moment and am looking for my next yacht to start kitting out for some extended cruising in the region. I have found a slightly run down Formosa 55′. Seems to be mostly cosmetic. The older wooden masts have been replaced by alloy ones but have not been fitted yet. The fittings have all been kept as have the terminals (look like Norseman to me), and seem to be in good order.

The point being, if I replace all the rigging, can I still use the fittings and fit new terminals? It needs new canvas as well. The cost as seen is about US$45,000. I have never sailed this type of yacht before although I have been sailing for 25 odd years and have worked on many boats over the years.

I have another option buying a 1986 Ron Holland design 52′ sloop extremely well kitted out, very sound, and extremely rugged. This however is around US$153,000. Both will be sailed by two people most of the time.

Any ideas or suggestions based on your vast experience would be great. Happy Christmas to you all–Mac.

Hi Mac: Yes, you can reuse Norseman and StaLok terminals. The norm is to replace the cones inside, which will probably be scored. As to which boat to pick, that’s a tough one. Aside from budget issues, I’d tend to go with the Holland design as it will be a lot better sailing boat and typically better in heavy weather–assuming it is built and rigged correctly. And in the end, you will probably get a lot more for it when you sell. Good Luck–Steve

Posted by Steve Dashew  (November 30, 1999)

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